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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Well I'm in a bittersweet mood right now, so right after this I will be posting to the rant thread. The good though is pretty good right now. This girl I like hasn't been returning texts and I got sad that she wasn't but today she texted me apologizing her phone broke... still just friends right now but hopefully that changes in the not too distant future. The BETTER NEWS though is that it is my friends 22nd birthday on Friday with an open bar, a keg, and a bunch of hot girls so maybe I will get a girlfriend... who knows. While I do like the other girl we would be in a long distance relationship and I get the impression she would rather be friends than in a relationship so if something works out at the party it's probably meant to be because having a long distance relationship in college can be difficult. THE BEST NEWS is that my favorite band IN THE WORLD Streetlight Manifesto is playing in a nearby town on Sunday. This news is a little better because originally I had a tournament for speech and debate and would have been unable to go but it got canceled so I bought my ticket today! Not a bad day, but to the rant thread!

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So there was a gunman on my schools(Cal State University Fullerton) campus, and while it totally sucked and was generally a sucky situation I am VERY happy no one was hurt. I am also VERY thankful that I have AMAZING sisters who let me hang out at their apartment when the school was on lockdown as an apartment is so much comfortable than a classroom and had food and bathrooms. I guess not so much "happiness" but more thankfulness, but I suppose those two things are close enough for me to post here.


Also Aquabats tomorrow!

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I just found out (and posted) about SMASH (the tv series) finally "getting it,"

and putting together all the musical numbers that made up the in-series "musical"

called BOMBSHELL, about Marilyn Monroe.


The cast cd comes out mid-Feb. So excited about this!

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