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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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I just produced the best episode of the podcast I do yet - granted, it's only episode 16, but when the podcast I produce almost makes me tear up a bit myself (it's a Jim Henson tribute episode), that's got to count for something.



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You know that feeling when you feel like you've grown up just a bit. Its a good feeling isn't it?


I should know.




(I took a trip down memory lane and looked at all my old posts, and some older content I was intrested in. Those who know me will understand why I'm saying this now)

Even still, you'll always be LEGENDARY to the majority of us here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Am happy and very thankful

that in just less than two weeks now,

I start another TPR tour - to Japan.

And best of all - Tokyo Disney Resort.


And already, I am thinking about

going back on another

TPR Scandi tour, if offered!


Life is good, if the body (still) allows it, lol.

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I just had the best round of Halo Reach SWAT I've ever played.


It was standard 4 on 4 SWAT on Sword Base, and my team was getting absolutely wiped. About two minutes in, the score was something like 12 to 28, and we had no hope in winning. Suddenly, I just entered beast mode, and started dominating. I got an overkill and killing spree on one of the ramps in the buildings, but then died. Then I got another killing spree, and a triple kill. My team ended up winning 50 to 49, because of my boost in awesomeness and another member of my team having a random moment of pwn. It was glorious.


Also, my girlfriend's sister isn't going into labor two months early like she thought she was. Yay!

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We finally had it dry enough for a couple of days,

to take care of cleaning the front yard up - a lot, heh heh.


Mowing what lawn we can find with the moss and "other plants"

here and there in the small patch, in front of our home.


And some tree pruning done too, which was needed.


So - feel much better now, for the front yard too,

and that I am just over a week away...

...for my TPR Japan trip!!!


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They're building a Sky Zone in my town, which is this big place that has trampolines on the floors and walls, and I can't wait!


Also, this new UP2U Mentos gum Mandarin Strawberry/Spearmint box is SO good! Especially if you mix the flavors, I'm in heaven right now chewing it. =P

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