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[RCT3] Enchanted Legends [YEAR 0.5]

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The greatest amusement park out there!


Year 0 ~ In Progress








FAQs about this park

Q: I thought you did RCT2, not RCT3

A: A mass majority of the RCT2 community has gone massively corrupt, I don't want anything to do with them, including posting up the sutff I have. That, and I can't be asked to play the game anymore. I know RCT3 isn't much different, but on Windows 7 when your 8cars won't respond, you'd rather play RCT3.

Q: Is this going to be a story park?

Yes and No. I plan on doing Year 0 as a year with nothing but pictures, it'll be the longest year. I'm not releasing names of anything including the park until Year 1. When year one happens and I do some peepable stuff I want to do some "PTR style" posts with the park.

Q:Wheres the park located

A: IDK, I have a lot of my parks located in northern places. I could pick anywhere from Sweden, Russia, New York, or even Alaska (no)

Q: Why no names?

A: Because I'm picky and I need non generic names. Names that have the same rythem as the word amazing. If I also decide to make this park from a country that speaks another language other than English, I will also need to translate them.

Q: What year is this starting in

A:This park starts year 0 of course, but really if you where to compare it to real world time it would start around 2010, but have several older rides such as arrow coasters. I don't care much about other company labels that much so I'm in no care about that stuff to be honest.

Q: Is this going to be strictly a family/kids park?

A: No, I just did the kids area first to start practicing support building, building making, and other things in RCT3.

Q:Wheres the parking lot, back areas, and even heavy terrain?

A: I hate doing parking lots, back areas (staff paths, interior of gift shops, other things) and messing with the terrain in RCT3. I will play with the terrain around rides, but not around the paths. Its just messes up everything for me.

Q:Where are you hosting this park

A: Theme Park Review, Shy Guys World, Coaster-net.



~Matt K.

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looks great. I noticed a large area of cleared land across a bridge. Plenty of room for a new coaster there.


I think the 2 car trains on the Gerstlauer(sp?) spinner is a bit odd. Is there ever a time in the turns that they end up colliding?


As far as connectors go, I have only found the JCat Mouseworx pieces you mentioned and the caps on Moby's Steel Jungle. Both leave me wanting, but as I don't really have any CSO creation ability I have been inclined to be content with what I have.

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^^They do not collide, and yes that land across the birdge will be something great.

^ -_-





Wow, we skipped a bit of stuff, well the other updates kind of take in the last two fragments of year 0.


Entrance area is starting out with its construction, and the kids area is almost finished. The real stuff hasn't even came to the park.


Names have also been released for some of the coasters.

The Intamin Half Pipe has the name Zippy

The Junior Coaster that goes over the corner of the kiddie section is known as Rainbow Bug

The coaster that suspends over the lake is called The Amazing Adventure

The spinning family coaster has the name Test Subject


Here are some of the screens from this updates releasment.


A fine shot of one of the flat rides running another test run. This test involves seeing how the ride functions in the rain!

^A few buildings, and the fence that will lead too a playground.



^A flat ride known as Space Thing with Test Subject hanging out in the background. Test Subjects location will be perfect as its located at two entrances of the Kiddie Area, which makes a corner turn!

^An aerial view of the kiddie section.



The entrance area is coming. I'm not the best person at building buildings, so what you see is what you get. I hope to improve what I know with RCT3 building as I go, but for know I'm sticking with what works for me.

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Seems very nice so far Matt. I didn't even think it was you till I looked at your name. So weird seeing you away from RCT2. Maybe some day I'll show one of my RCT3 parks. But don't hold your breath.


The only thing I would suggest, as mentioned before. Just go with one car on the spinner. Unless your extremely attached to it, do what your want. That's just my advice. But I'm liking the flow of the park so far. I'm excited to see where you go with this one.

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^The spinner is using two cars. Everyone can deal with it B - )


Just announcing the name and showing off a few logos.


The parks location is still unknown, but it is in northern Europe.


And the parks name




I also have a logo for Zippy





Also, vote now.


A for El Loco

B for Screaming Squirrel

C for Family Launcher

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  • 2 weeks later...

^Let me clarify that post. I kinda meant that because I post this on multiple sites, it would be unfair to only give TPR the pictures. I later found out you can actually take the TPR image urls and code them to appear on other sites too, which is what I've been doing with my RCT2 stuff. Image shack is blocked on one of the sites I use and Photobucket is going to be a source I will no longer use.


I don't know if this is by magic or what, but the pictures are up.

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That's the problem with Photobucket, and imageshack. If you post the links to multiple sites, and you have more traffic clicking on them, you'll hit bandwith issues. Then the pictures aren't available for anyone to see, and any of the site you posted.


You won't have that issue at TPR.

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