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I am planning to visit Six Flags Great Adventure this summer


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I am planning to a visit to Great Adventure this summer for my first ever rides on El Toro and Kinda Ka! I'll be flying in from DFW. I need info such as closest airport to fly into and closest hotels ect. I plan to leave in late July, my birthday is July 29th and I intend to spend it at the park!

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Newark would probably be the closest major airport. As for hotels, there are none that I know of located in or near the park. However, there are some affordable chain hotels (Days Inn, Holiday Inn, etc.) in East Windsor, which is less than 10 miles from the park. Use tripadvisor or something to look into those. Have fun at SFGA!

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Unfortunately I do not know of any hotels in the area but I don't know if you ever visited SFGADV and thought I would give you some tips to enjoy your visit:


INVEST IN FLASH PASS. Summer time is EXTREMELY BUSY. You could be waiting 3 hrs for rides. There are a few different options. I think the most expensive flash pass lets you ride twice in a row without having to get off the ride. I wuold at least buy the flash pass so you can skip the line. Try and hit El Toro early. If you are lucky you may get some rides in where the line could be an hr or less. I would save the flash pass option and use it later in the day when the lines get to be 2+ hours. This may allow you to get an extra ride or two in.


El toro is in my opinion the best ride in the park. I have not had a chance to ride Green Lantern. Kingda Ka, Nitro, Bizarro are also great rides and should not be missed. Batman, an inverted coaster is good but short. For some reason I think this is the most intense inverted coasters I have been on. I think it is because it is short with tight loops. The spirals are all close together (especially the 1st 3) and I don't get time in between them. Superman is ok. While it is certainly not the best ride in the park you may want to hit this 1st thing if you are not getting a flash pass. The line for this gets VERY VERY long and with only 2 trains it seems to move VERY VERY slowly due to the loading time. IF you don't care about riding it, go to KInda Ka, Green Lantern or El toro 1st and come back to it later.


Hope you enjoy your trip

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^ When I was visiting colleges last year, we stayed at the Days Inn in East Windsor. It was pretty good. Nothing special, but what you would expect from a Days Inn. I can't really help with the airport unfortunately.


In terms of lines, last summer I spent two days at Great Adventure. During my first day, it was extremely cloudy and the weathermen forecasted rain. Fortunately, the rain held off and the crowds weren't too heavy. Every roller coaster (including El Toro and Kingda Ka) was a 20-30 minute wait or less. The next day was completely clear and lines were atrocious. I ended up getting the Flash Pass and don't regret it since El Toro, Superman, Kingda Ka, Nitro, Bizarro, and Batman were all 60-90 minute waits. I would try to get Kingda Ka done as soon as possible since it seems to break down a lot.

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There are tons of chain hotels nearby. I think we stayed at Howard Johnson or something like that. Just do a Google search for the area and compare prices.


Also I would get public transportation rather than renting a car. IDK where you're from, but we're from California and the road-system in NJ was really complicated and confusing. We spend a lot of time driving in circles because we kept missing the exit or taking the wrong exit and so on. Plus the toll roads are hideously over-priced.


I would also get a Six Flags season pass and leave yourself two days just in case. I think we got lucky with the lines (I don't remember them being too bad) but I know that they CAN get really bad. We had a Six Flags season pass and the first day we went to SFGAdv it started raining like HELL within about an hour of the park opening. They closed every single outdoor coaster and ride. I would have been REALLY disappointed but we just decided to leave the park for that day and visit NYC. The next day was dry and I got to ride all of the coasters I didn't ride (and El Toro again )


I would definitely ride El Toro really early in the day ASAP. But even if the lines are long, it's worth the wait! Kingda Ka was closed when I went. It got struck by lightening that year.

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Hopefully I can help a little bit.


I visited the park for the first time about two weeks ago. I stayed at the Bordentown Days Inn, and it was pretty good. It was about a 15-20 minute drive to the park. I don't know how it will be in July, but when I went it was HOT! Bring sunscreen and drink lots of water.


I went on a Tuesday, and I was able to ride everything. El Toro was a walk on first thing in the morning. I was glad I did Kingda Ka right afterwards, because it broke down the rest of the day.


Green Lantern had about a 1 1/2 - 2 hour wait so I rode it at the end of the day. S:UF also had about an hour wait as well. Nitro, Bizarro and Batman were not too bad in terms of waits.


I would give yourself two days, as I can imagine crowds will be worse in July.


I don't know how public transportation works in that area, but I believe rental car prices are significantly higher at the Newark airport. I did about seven parks, and flew into PHL. I got a pretty good deal on a car rental. I don't think the Philadelphia airport is that much farther from Six Flags than Newark.


If you do the rental car option, be sure to really study the directions. As Rawkin_coaster38 said, the roads can be confusing. What I've found challenging in NJ and Pa is that it's hard to turn around if you make a wrong turn. It's easy to get on a road that will lead you way out of the way.

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I went last summer (late July) on a Friday and was able to get all of the credits except Superman (down all day) and of course, Scream Machine, as it was being dismantled. I had no problem getting everything in. I'd watch out for downtime on Kingda Ka. It went out at least twice during the day. If that's ALL you're doing on your trip then it wouldn't be a bad idea to do two days so you can ride Toro a ton. Have fun.

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