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GAME: What's worse than...

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^ Putting trims, OTSR's, a lap bar, and for extra measure making you wear a mouth guard and helmet (cup optional), on a classic ride.


What's worse than an overreaction by park management?

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Having your friend get sick at an amusement park, forcing you both to go home.


Whats worse than having a friend go to a theme park with you and he's driving you there, but he doesn't pick you up until an hour of excitement and anticipation later?

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Getting up early to go to the airport, only to find out your flight has been your flight has been canceled!


What worse than going to a mall that's run down and nearly all the stores are vacant and have been that way for years and the only store that open is a crappy dollar store?

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You go to the run down mall that has been crappy for years. You look around, there's not a soul in sight, but the diminutive glow from the mall's crappy dollar store. You walk inside, it's horrible! Candy, toys, 90s sports movies! They're all one dollar, but they're all so over-priced! You look at the store clerk who only glares back at you. You ask him if you could speak to the manager, but he only whispers back, "There hasn't been management here since the day the conscious mind died." With that, he fades away and disappears. You are now thoroughly freaked out. In a panic, you flee the dollar store. ZOMBIES! How did they find you!?! You thought you lost them at Wild Adventures, but they must have followed you. You run back into the dollar store to find a weapon but the only thing left are plastic beach shovels! What are you going to do!?! The zombies are closing in!!!


What's worse than spoiled produce?

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Spoiled dairy products


What worse than Finding out that Six Flags has dumped, Tony Hawk, The Wiggles, Thomas and Friends, The Terminator, Loony Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and DC comic books and giving their parks a "generic" look?

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Finding out that Six Flags is really an alien research facility that brainwashes and probes humans to keep us blissfully unaware of the impending invasion. Be warned, on the day predicted by Harold Camping, they will come down from the sky and destroy us all!!! No one will be spared!! Not even the CHILDREN!! What?! NO!! I'm not crazy!! I swear!! BELIEEEEEEEEEEEVE MEEEEEEEE!!




Anyhow, what's worse than being stuck on a runaway train?

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