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What other non-theme park boards do you read?


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The only park related boards I look at on a regular basis are this one and Westcoaster. I sometimes look at Coaster Buzz if I'm really, really bored, but the atmosphere there is pretty hostile.


Anyway, the sites I look at on a daily basis are:


Perpetual Motion - Music related

Shocklines - Horror fiction discussion

Brian Keene MB - BK is a horror fiction writer, and his board covers all sorts of topics (music, movies, books and so on)

Mike Portnoy Forum - MP is Dream Theater's drummer. Music and entertainment discussions.

Digital Bits - DVD news

Blue's News - Game news

Jinxworld - Hosted by Brian Michael Bendis (writer). Discussion of comics and other entertainment items, plus politics, sports and totally random topics

CGTalk - Computer Graphics/Video discussions

Ultimate Metal - music discussion

AVS Forum - HDTV/TV/Home Theater discussion

Spinquad - Lightwave 3D discussion


Plus news sites like CNN and the Baltimore Sun. And technology stuf like Wired and Boing Boing. While that looks like a lot of sites to cover, I mostly skim through the majority, really only posting a lot here and a few others...



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http://www.fark.com - Does this count?

http://slashdot.org/ - Yeah.. I'm a geek..

http://www.flyertalk.com - I *love* to fly and this site posts great fares and info about airlines.

http://www.egullet.com - A website for people who are insane foodies...like me

http://www.hsx.com - Hollywood Stock Exchange - It's like fantasy football...for movies!

http://www.toontowncentral.com - Toontown is a great MMORPG that I play.. I'm Aurora on there.. Say Hi!

http://vmkfansite.net/ - Great site for the latest happenings on Virtual Magic Kingdom

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Most of the non coaster sites I visit are for the grown and sexy 8) .


The Sweetest taboo


Supa Cindy Online


Basically only those 2. Just a bunch of friends talking about everything from politics to straight up raunchy sex and kelley giving all out her cooking recipes at the taboo and random kiddy post at supa cindy but I basically go there for the celeb gossip!

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I vist gaming sites also. But not video games, mostly miniatures games or the like. TMP (the miniatured page) mostly...


And I also visit Gothic Industrial music sites too, but I dont do any posts on those, actually, thats not true, i do sign the guest book of www.cyberage.cx often. Check it out, its a radio show that this guy does out of the University of New Mexico... 5 hour long shows, and he records em and puts em online. One show a week at a minimum...

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