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[NL] La Lavandière- Download from Game Exchange!

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Well, been workin' on this a few days now, and I just wanted to see if I can get any feedback-So, Criticize!


If you know a thing or three about B&M inverts, and you want to see the .newt2 file or something, just PM me!

A few stats-

Inversions: Loop, Immelman, Cork, 0-g

Length: 786.09 m (sans ending turn, so imagine the total length)

Top Speed: 91 km/h

Max Gs: 5.1


Color is by no means final, it just shows up nice in this environment.


EDIT: The pictures do not appear to be very clear..grr!


Far end of the ride-very intense-



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^Thank you very much! I really hadn't thought of it as kin to Patriot, I know I wanted a tight helix, somewhat-but not exactly like Raptor, a small 0-g roll, and a slightly different element order.


Sorry about the old pictures, folks. Here are a few new ones that should stay clear:


Can anyone offer specific advice about the shaping of the immelman? They're hard to perfect-




Crazy Helix!

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Well, no one seems to be commenting....


Anyways, who like signs of definite progress? I for one sure do.


As for the colors: I tried to match the blue to Jake's Konshu (sp?)-a file that I at one point had. Doing this from pictures gets it close.


General overview of the previously mentioned progress. I like it-you?


New angle and direction.


Up the skirt!


My favorite picture of the ride so far.

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^Thank you. It would seem as though every person that I've shown this to says it reminds them of another coaster. So far there have been no repeats.


Small update today: Just support work on the lift and from the immelman up to the corkscrew.


Supported immelman-


What isn't shown in the first picture.


Another bird's eye shot. The more and more that gets supported, the more photogenic it looks.

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I find the supports (at the loop) a little too thick. On original images, they look a little thinner.


The colors:

The blue looks very good. Only the gray I am not convinced. In all, it looks technically.

I have the impression, that blue don´t fit with the terratexture. Images in the "white environment" would certainly be considered more beautiful.


The ride:

It looks very intense. But elegant curves.




... it is just an opinion, not a criticism


Keep up, the good job!

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Only the gray I am not convinced. In all, it looks technically.

I have the impression, that blue don´t fit with the terratexture. Images in the "white environment" would certainly be considered more beautiful.

Could you explain this to me? I think I know what you're saying, but it's a tad confusing.


As to the thickness of the supports, instead of making a custom sized support, I went with relative approximations. Yes, in real life, extra large and the large supports are bigger than in real life, but they are by far the closest. If I knocked all them down a size, it would look really spindly and undersized. I may play around with custom sizes in the end, however.


Thank you!


C'mon, folks! Gotta have a few more people posting here!

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Firstly: Thank you anyone that PMed me to be a tester!


Secondly: Full picture update on the ride, La Lavandière (a French variant of the midnight washerwomen from Scottish/Irish mythology see here for more info).


I've been granted exclusive access to view the newly completed ride...upon arriving to the park, I catch this view:


It seems they've started without me....


La Lavandière-through the trees!


As I move closer in, I catch the train swinging through the last bit of the ride.


But by moving a few steps, I catch the second train barreling through the first helix....


...before missing the next few shots and ending up with this fail.


The photography gods must be smiling on me, as a second chance started clinking up the hill.


The train entering the bottom of the pullout.


Soaring over my head through the immelmann...


After taking a slight break to find a new location to shoot from, I get this semi-disorienting pic.


Lazy. Didn't move a muscle to snap this one...


Ooo, ooo, ooo! Other train floating right over my head!


Corkscrew-how are you?


Aw...my sweetheart left me. Too good to be true anyways..........sigh.


Luckily they're lining up at the door. :)


Missed by THAT much!



Part deux.




Another viewing point-but it didn't really produce any good pics.


But THIS one did!


aaannnnnnd....ROLL OVER!


Good boy!


Just a quick pic from the station.


To get these shots, I was let into the helicopter that was being used to film promo video for the ride...but the foggy morning didn't give what they were hoping to get. Really ruins the shots when Mother Nature throws up her middle finger at us...




Not TOO bad...right?


As we fly away, I catch one last shot-turned out really bad due to the poor weather. Sigh.

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No- the station is made out of supports, and the trees are .env. There is a .3ds fence around the far end of the ride, but that's parkpack. I don't really know how to make .3ds...I've tried, but they're beyond me.



I forgot to mention it will be released on Sunday, at approximately 7:00 PM/6:00c

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