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Does KI still do a Beast walkback?

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Well, it's actually better than it used to be. Before, you got walked back to the first ride of the day. And presumably, you could get a ride or three in while the GP were running all the way back there.


Now, there's actually a half hour of actual ERT for KI gold and Cedar Fair platinum passholders. I believe that they let both TPR and ACE members (and possibly other groups, but I'm not sure) in on that ERT session. Last year it was for both Beast and Diamondback. Last year, I had a CF platinum pass, so I just used that to get in. And I managed to get 3 or 4 rides on Diamondback before the GP rushed over.


This year, the ERT may be changing to Windseeker (and possibly Vortex -- woo hoo!) Not that many people are gonna be wanting a handful of rides on Windseeker and Vortex. At least you'll still be faurther in the park than the GP when the rest of the park opens. So, presumably, you could still effectively get the Beast walkback by beating the others there.

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