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The Official Gas Thread

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I was going to stop and get gas on my way to work this evening ...


7:30 at night, there was a HUGE line for people to pay $2.86 for Gas. All other stations around the area were $3.00.


What are prices like in the Philly/DC area???




Gregg "Just trying to figure out how much we are going to get hit with Gas prices on our trip" C.

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Fox was showing over $6 a gallon for the premium outside of Atlanta (across the street, it was $5 -- so we are getting close to you Soren!)


At Disney Epcot and MK (HESS) its 2.99 premium as of 10 p.m. tonight.


a) I'm glad I work from home and

b) I'm glad I have a scooter to take me to close places if I need to go somewhere and

c) I guess I'm glad I can actually walk pretty much anywhere in town. for a movie -- groceries -- etc. Let's hear it for new urbanist stuff...I think.


Wow. Feel for you folks who have to drive to work, and drive far. And I guess I'm glad I got rid of my sports car when I did -- friggen 17/22 mpg gas whore!

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I will be traveling to the Philly area in a few weeks and the gas prices there I believe are about $2.60 or higher. Then I hear on the radio this morning that gas has reached over $4 a gallon and people are getting so angry, they are getting out of there cars and hitting the pumps with wrenches and such.


So how long before airline tickets skyrocket?

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$4-$5 a gallon down there in Georgia!?!


They have pictures from different areas on AOL..

Here are some of the Premium Prices:


Jonesboro, GA - $5.19

Long Island, NY - $3.59

Michigan - $3.71

Lauren, SC - $4.99

Long Beach, CA - $3.99 (thats odd...)


I drive a '02 Celica which gets really good gas mileage and got gas the other night for $2.69. Last night it was $2.96 here in PA. We're 8 miles from the MD line and 45 from Baltimore so hopefully the DC area insanity won't reach up this far. Luckily I'm helping do construction work this summer/fall and ride my bike there.. and then am too tired to have much of a life.


I agree though. Maybe people will stop driving the short distances and ride a bike or walk. As much as this sucks for commuters and vacationers, it can really only help some of the health problems this country has... aka being LAZY, and people not knowing how to relax and actually take some time to enjoy things.



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Doesn't look so strange after seeing some of these posts.


Gas here on a public site is averaging 2.962. People go on there and post the prices that they see. and it's been going up quickly since a few days ago, and It'll keep on going up I know. Saw prices at 3.09 this afternoon where I passed at 2.85 this morning.

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How is the gas in Orlando? I'm not concerned about the cost, but the availability. I might be headed up this Labor Day, but I might have to cancel out if there is a shortage in the city. I need gas to get back home!

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