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The Official Gas Thread

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$35 to fill up my Corolla's tank


Girl!! I have a Corolla too! What year is yours?? Mine's an '04, got rid of a Sienna minivan a year ago in June and damn glad now I did. The status of a mini van or SUV or whatever is not worth going broke.


Shari "gas jumped to over $3 here in Cincy today for the first time" Shoufler

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Here in Bremen (Germany) I have to pay 1.32 Eur for 1 liter. That is 4.99 Eur for 1 gallon. Okay, that means 4.99 Eur = 6.16 USD for 1 gallon normal gas! :shock: Is there anyone who have to pay more?




Yeah exactly. Most Americans need to change their "car habbits". In other words. Don't drive EVERYWHERE (use your bike to see your neighbor), don't buy SUV's and trucks (drivers of them are the ones who complain the most), and try to realize that the rest of the world pays about twice as much...

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I remember just a few years ago (2001 maybe) that I got $.85 per gallon gas in rural Georgia! Nice to think about the good ole' days of paying $14 to fill up my car versus the more than $30 now! I'm just glad my big coaster road trip is out of the way for this year!


-Julie (Not USRoadTripping any time soon)

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I stopped and filled up our van this morning at $2.79. This afternoon when I picked my kids up from school the same station had it at $3.19. There are at least a couple of stations in South Bend that are at $3.49.


Of an equal or even greater concern to many of us in the north is the expected huge rise in the cost of heating oil for this winter. It's going to be scary.

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