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^Yea, agreed.


Would that be the Shoot the Schutes ride? Either way, thats fantastic. Foliage is great and the awnings look awesome. I cant wait for this dude, its so freaking good.

Umm... You mean Shoot the Rapids right?


It looks great PC, one of the best screens you have posted.

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^Theyre there to make it look like its an actual Skyswing. People of the RCT community generally understand that the steel beams cannot be constructed to move with the swing, so the "red things" are put there to make it look as close as it can to a skyswing when the ride is at rest. Its the same for Huss frisbees in the game too.


At least, thats how I've always understood it.

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^Hmmm...well, it certaintly isnt the number one best...you should see some of the spotlights at NE...


I think its fantastic. This is gonna suprise a lot of people when its released over there. I'm thinking the expectations are floating around silver for you with this PC, but for some reason I feel you'll score much much higher...

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^I didn't say I thought it was going to get silver. I believe, in fact, it'll score much much higher if you actually read my post. I think that most people at NE are anticipating silver, but this is gonna blow em away...

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