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PHOTO TR: Cedarpoint opening day 2011

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Andrew nailed it on the head... as an employee of five summers (2006 through 2010), and having gone through five "training weeks" pre opening day, it was very apparent that each year things were ready with less and less time to spare each season. Taking with supervisors and employees who had been there even longer than I had been, "training week" used to be just that - a full week to train and run your ride to be ready for opening day... my last season training week became more of a "clean your ride location for a week, hope and pray that your ride will be ready to run by opening day" week.

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There has been some brutal winters but you can't tell me they were able to build MF (minus land clearing vertical construction started in Sept/Oct) by March (when it started testing) yet now they can't move a flat ride across the park in the winter? I'm no expert I'm just thinking out loud.


Thats the same thinking Ive been doing...it just doesnt make sense. We never have "good" winters and we always have crappy weather. You just work through it. It just seemed like they are less enthusiastic about getting the park ride ready for the first day. oh well...well keep thinking aloud but it wont help

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I was digging through some old TR's of Hanno's from Cedar Pt. back in 07', and look who I found! these CP freaks must be truly obsessed, great photo ops, or both! he even has the same hat!!



That is Millennium Bob - he is always there riding Millennium Force! We've talked to him several times during early entry time.


He RUNS around to ride again (and he's no spring chicken either!) I hope I can run like him when I'm that old! LOL!

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A few more shots....


Dragster in the fog.


Opening day brings in marching bands.


Woodstock express.





Windseeker in the fog.


Windseeker laine and beach rental.


Mean streak transfer track. It's missing the green train.


Blue streak history.


Have they ever used these speakers on the train?


The old restrooms next to pinks are still there.


Matterhorn got a little makeover.


The end.....

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It was great to meet you Thrillrider. And I'm glad you at least enjoyed MS a little bit this year


It was great to meet you as well. Mean streak was running a lot better, but untill they remove the trims on the first drop and reprofile the ride, its just a o-k ride.


Your crew was doing a great job by the way. I used to work on mean streak back in 2001.

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Glad to read this! We are thinking of possibly going on Sat. I haven't been in a few years now. I used to do a lot of opening days back in my younger years, and this looks nothing like the ones I went too. I know the last one we went to, which was probably around 07, we were not impressed with the staff. No one seemed to have an idea on what they were doing. Same goes for the end of the year. We went late in 08 and most of the staff admitted they weren't familiar with stuff, as they were transfered from Geoga Lake after it closed for the season.


I don't plan to ride much this time around (i'm too old and creeky), we will have our 6 year old ,so it will be more moderate rides...which is fine with me. But I do plan to take my SLR to the Point ( or the POINK as DD calls it) for the first time and try to get some shots I never thought of taking in years past.

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You may have to wait awhile to ride windseeker, screamscape is reporting that there may be a wire problem with the ride. Sounds like it's more than just a weather related problem perhaps.


But yea, riding it in the fog would be crazy if they "can" operate it in the fog.

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The Single Rider in the above photos. That is Single Rider Bob (Bob Urmanic). He is a fixture at CP and a very nice - and determined - guy. I first met him in 2008 when he rode Millennium Force over 1200 times that season. On some occaisons family members will come with him dressed in similar attire. If you see him and get a chance to chat with do, he is fun to talk to. Many people think he would be great in an advertising campaign for CP.

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Mean streak was running a lot better, but untill they remove the trims on the first drop and reprofile the ride, its just a o-k ride.


I've ridden trimless Meanstreak, it actually has a few moments of airtime! Nice TR, and glad to see that some of the more worn down rides are getting some love.

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I was at the point yesterday. Boy what a disappointment the park has become to me. I used to love going. But as I get older, the thrill rides are no longer "thrilling". But I knew that going in. I was just amazed at how disgusting the place is becoming. The bathrooms were like roadside gas station bathrooms. The place was in need of a lot of paint. This park just opened, yet railings had chipped paint, that looked to be neglected for more than just one year.


For thrill seekers, this park still has all the great rides, most of the best, but for families it is not so great. There is not much for the in betweeners. If you don't want the kiddy rides, or the thrill rides, not much left in between. The kiddy rides are very babyish in my opinion. My 6 year old wanted nothing to do with most of them. Luckily she was tall enough for the bigger rides. Shes not a thrill seeker though, so that limited us to smaller coasters (and the paddle boat 3 times LOL Her favorite of everything )

I did try to take a lot of pictures. I will post them in my own thread in a few days or so.

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I think that it is a cedarfair thing as far as height requirements go.


Most cedarfair parks we have been to, have higher height restrictions for rides that should be family rides. Mine ride at cedarpoint is a perfect example(need to be 48"). If we go to a six flags park, my daughter can ride a LOT more than she can at a cedarfair park due to the height restrictions. I still can't understand how she can ride american eagle at sfog, and demon at sfga, but can't ride mine ride at cp.


I do have to agree that cedarpoint seem to be lacking in a lot of departments this year.

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