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Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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These last two screens are both excellent Derek. If I may make a suggestion, why don't you make the cover for the bridge span the entire length of the bridge, instead of just the part over the water. More shade for those hot summer days.


^Bobcat was one of his design attempts at NE. Now you know.

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DJ, the screen is ok. First, the station looks way too tall, maybe make it wider to even out the proportions? The whole transfer area is way to under detailed. Also, the western buildings are way to under detailed on the walls and stuff. DJ, I know you can do better. Keep up the good work anyways.

EDIT:Get on chat guys? :S

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I like,but I think he cant out to much details in a diagonal transfer track. Although I agree with you guys on how he needs to put more details on those western buildings and the station needs to be shorter.

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It's a vertical drop coaster, mainly used for capacity issues, but it also looks more like the mine carts, while the floorless cars don't suffice that need.

And yes, Euro fighter based loosely on mystery mine.



Anyways, something new from me, well, somewhat!



Standing 325 feet amongst the mountainous backdrop, The Observation Deck gives the most majestic shots of the lake, and the surrounding park that accompanies the beautiful landscape that it is built on.



*of course with a small fee, that is. . .

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Very cute. The issue I have is that the tables in the middle of the path seem a bit random in their placement, also the wagon in the planter.


The foliage itself is lovely, as is the architecture. The park is really shaping up nicely.

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