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My PA Park Odyssey This coming summer...

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Heehee, if you didn't know before half a dozen of us would have randomly pounded it into your head about those fries! I swear they put crack or some kind of zombie like brainwashing drug in the oil because you can't have just one, no you eat one.. walk around then an hour later announce "I want more fries". Then you end up having eaten nothing but Fries and Dippin' Dots all day, wondering why your still oddly hungry.



Good luck! Hopefully this horrid weather clears soon and we don't have another complete rained out summer! We had wanted to go up this week since I've got a few days left of vacation, naturally all the weather will give me is "RAIN"!

Damn you Pittsburgh Weather Gods.

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Oh, you guys don't get rained on the way we do up here in Ithaca. We had like 17 straight days of rain up here during April, and it's been raining again for the past few days. I think someone in this town said we actually get about as much rain as Seattle, so any place else is an improvement to me.


besides, I found when I go in these trips, the weather is usually pretty cooperative. Even when I went to Knoebels back in 08, and it rained on one of the days I was there, I still had a good time, so I'm not too worried.

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how is sky rocket for bigger people? Am i going to have to not ride it?? I can barley fit in even the big boy seats so not sure? I have lost about 30 pounds though since i last tried to fit on a B@M? How are the coasters at KW for bigger people? If this isn't the place for this can someone refer me somewhere else?

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Well, I'm about 5'7 and currently about 230 lbs, and I've never really had a problem fitting into the coasters at Kennywood. I've not ridden Sky Rocket yet, but I doubt I'll have much trouble fitting in that one. Don't know about your stats though, so it's tough to say.

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OK, I have a bit of a problem here. I always go on these trips with the help of my TomTom GPS, but it doesn't seem to have either Del Grosso's or Idlewild listed under the destinations for their respective towns. I tried to set a route to Del Grosso's by address, but it then said there was no known address on E Pleasant Valley Blvd when I tried to put it in.


I'm not completely familiar with how to work in depth on a GPS. Is there any way I can correct these missing listings?

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To get to DelGrossos from Lakemont, just head North on I 99 from the park and there is a sign about 5 - 10 minutes up that tells you where to turn. Go down the exit, turn left to the stop light, make a right and go about 2 miles straight up to the park. Parking is on the right behind the waterslides.


Idlewild sits right on Rte 30 on the left.


From their website....


From Altoona: 60 miles. Route 220 South, Route 22 West, Route 219 South. West on Route 30 to Ligonier.


Mapquest ......






Hope this helps. They are pretty good roads they have you traveling on, not some dinky ass back roads. I would probably go with the website directions, they seem a lot easier and understandable. The mapquest puts you past the park hence the Uturn to get you back to the entrance.

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