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why are people being so mean?


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I saw that on a lot of roller coaster/roller coaster tycoon 3 forums, people are being mean and rude to robb. I don't understand why some people would make personal attacks. From what I gathered, everyone is upset about a few members being banned for being disrespectful. I think krpyt was one of them? He's really a jerk off and deserved it! Does this sound about right?

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^ There are people out there who are jealous of the success that Robb has had with TPR and Club TPR. They can't stand to see someone actually succeed in turning a passion into a business and bash on him.


Also - the TPR forums won't stand for some of the flaming, poor grammer and general bad behavior that some other sites will - and have banned people because of such. They get their "panties in a wad" because they were acting like jerks here and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Therefore...Robb = evil.


From someone who has met Robb, Elissa and KidTums I can personally attest that they are really nice and just plain "neato" people. The naysayers are full of crap.


David McCollum


P.S. - hope this helped.

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