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The birth of a park [RCT3]

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I thought It was time to do something a little different. Instead of a "story" park, I thought it would be fun to show all the work that goes into making a park. My Park!


About One hour in. I just finished building my "centerpiece ride in sandbox. Starting to custom support the lift hill.



About 3 hours into the park. Station work has begun as well as more custom supports. Transfer track almost complete.


About 5 hours into park. Station about 90% done, catwalks installed, and work on where I want the main gate.


Roughly 6 hours in. Parking lot layed out. More support work.


7 hours in. Entrance plaza and main gate building under design phase. Parking lots done.


8 hours in. Custom supports Finaly done. Merry Go Round built. Path layout begins. Park entrance undergoing some design changes.



I hope that you enjoy this "unique" look into my future park.


I need a name for the B&M hyper. Colors Track-Blue Rails-Pink Supports-Yellow. Speed 82.4 mph. Length 5818 ft.

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Very impressive-


I like the idea that you're going step-by-step in this- some of us don't do so well in RCT III- and some of us are masters of it (I'm in the former category- I still can't figure things out along the way!) and it helps for people to see how you're doing things.


I look forward to your next update.



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Time for another update.


In this picture I have started to lay out one of the parks restaurants.


The park main admissions build has been complete.


This is a sight-line test.


Another sight-line test.


At about 15 hours in, Flats have been placed, and themed. Park is almost ready for year 1 "story"


And finally a lighting test.


I am hopeing to have Year one ready to go by Friday, I am working on the story now and am trying to come up with a park name.

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I would suggest editing the video so half of it isn't staring at the lift hill. Also, are there actually brakes on the downward incline before the station? I know they are on the Stormrunner track diagonal, but I didn't realize they were on the extended track. Looks good, although I personally don't like POV's that are at track level, doesn't give you the feel of the ride as much. Anyway's, looks good.

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Now this is an original idea, I like it. Gives us design challenged folks a look at how it is done.


As for a name for your park, how about a little word play? Indiana Bend or Indiana Bend Adventures?


Looking forward to the evolution of your park. Nice job so far! Peace.

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