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An Imagineer's journal [RCT3]

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April 22nd, 2003


Today I had the pleasure of talking to the media to let them know about Disney's next big step in theme park engineering. I had Joe Rohde join me in the press room to tell everyone his big idea. We were all grinning ear to ear, excited to finally announce a multi-million dollar expansion to Disney's Animal Kingdom. Jack gave a brief speech on the ride. I wrote down what he had to say.

The job of an imagineer is simple, create a ride that has a story going along with it. Being that we are in the Asian part of Disney's Animal Kingdom, I wanted to bring the biggest, baddest Asian animal into the site. Well, we ran into a small problem, he's just so darn elusive. I thought, maybe build his home, The Forbidden Mountain. Thats what we are here for. Expedition Everest will be a ride meant for closer encounters with the mythic beast that is the Yeti. We are making our own Everest, and creating an environment worthy of the Himalayas. I can assure you, your all going to love this one.



On a more business side of things, the main idea is to draw more people to Animal Kingdom and reduce wait times in other Disney parks. Concept art was also released.




Mark Eskiberg, WDW Imagineer





Mark Eskiberg's Journal,


January 26th, 2004


The construction has started! Today trucks arrived with plants and mountain sections to be assembled. The mountain's final height has also been announced at 200ft above the Florida ground, towering high above anything else at Walt Disney World. Apparently, the Imagineers are doing so massive audio-matronic work behind the scenes. Wonder what that could be for?


Now, more teasers for the ride itself. Plus a construction shot.


Prepare to go off the rails!


If I may say, damn.


200ft at the peak!


Here is a shot I took today. They've set up a little booth outside for more information. Sadly, it was mainly blocked by the big trucks.


More soon!


Imagineer Mark Eskiberg,


March 27th 2005


Today the train did an inaugural run on the track. Though it didn't climb to the peak of the still under construction mountain, it did do its final helix. Finally, we are seeing some dramatic progress. The Imagineering studio also okayed it for me to release a piece of information to the public. Its the diagram for the future queue of the ride, and its exit area. More construction of that to follow.


Wizz! I stood atop a scaffolding piece to take this picture for Joe.


The diagram of the queue.


Mark Eskiberg, Imagineer


August 23rd, 2005,


Well, the facade of the mountain is nearly complete, so Joe has hastened efforts on the small village at its base. Apparently, there is also talk of a secret project under wraps. Right now, I have no liberty to divulge whether or not it is related to Expedition Everest, but Disney confirms it will be large. For now though, lets visit.


As you can see, the yet to be named village is well under way. The queue is off to a great start, and other buildings will soon follow.


Probably the only view you will ever see of Expedition Everest's acreage. Its quite large.


More soon!

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I have to tell you for a debut of a post, this is over- the -top good. I haven't seen too many attempts to do Disney Scale rides in RCT III, let alone try something like EE along the way.


Way to go- and I really want to see your next update.



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Wow, thank you all so much for the mass of wonderful replies! Its great to hear your input after working so hard. Every comment is appreciated, and while I lack the time to respond to each individually, please know I do acknowledge all of them.





Mark Eskiberg, Imagineer


January 1st 2006,


Well, the big day finally came for me and my team. The ride went around the entire circuit for the first time. I am pleased to report, everything is working. Its only a matter of months to the ride's official opening, and until then, we are excited to show as much as possible without ruining the story.


The front entrance to the queue is officially complete. The rest lies as so;


Mountain: 100%

Interior scenes/tracking: 100%

Exterior scenes/tracking: 95%

Queue: 70%

Cast/Crew training: 50%



A nice feature of the queue, takes me back to the trip to Nepal.


More soon!

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Mark Eskiberg, Imagineer


February 2nd, 2006


Well, its finished. We officially completed the ride today. This means all buildings, paths, foliage, queue, interior, mountain, tracking and testing is now complete. Its only a matter of time until the grand opening. On a side note, there was a great degree of work done today on the lagoon near EE. Its been shored up to the ride, so guests may gaze across the water at the mountain's high peaks.


The small village at the base of the mountain.


Queue entry area, with all the trimmings.


The exit path.


One of two station houses with a grand backdrop.


Its only a matter of time.


More very soon.

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