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Maui Trip Report 2011

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So, after 2 summers of TPR trips my bestie and I decided we needed a super relaxing break from life and would instead go to Maui this year. TPR trips (especially the Europe trip last year) are an AMAZING amount of fun but they are exhausting so we wanted to switch it up this year. I can almost guarantee I will be on another TPR next year, fingers crossed for a return to somewhere in Europe.


I debated doing a trip report but I know I appreciate seeing non-theme park stuff on here so thought I would go for it!


We stayed in Maui in Kaanapali, we rented a condo for 6 nights and it was great! I highly recommend renting a condo as opposed to staying in a hotel, it is so convenient for this type of trip. We stayed at Kaleialoha Condos and I would totally go back there! Anyway, here is the trip . . . .


Packing is always a challenge! This is about double the dresses I would bring on a TPR trip.


Here is one of your stars - my best friend and favorite travel partner, Christine!


Moi! Our flight left Ontario, CA at 6 am. So early! We flew US Air and even though some crazy things happened, we had a good experience with them.


We first flew to Phoenix, where we were stoked to have our own rows on our very empty flight! However, after flying for about 90 minutes, we had to turn around because there was a problem with the plane.


We got all the way back, waited about an hour and got on a new plane. The crew were wonderful about everything and they even gave us snack packs! WOW! Way to go out of your way US Air!


Then we were about to leave again and there was a medical emergency! Some lady on the plane was totally out of it, probably hypoglycemic.


We finally got to Maui about 3 hours late. We grabbed our rental car and headed to . . . . Costco! We wanted to get food for breakfast and to eat on the beach. It was basically a regular Costco.


This was the view from our lanai! Gorgeous! We could see turtles, crabs and even some whales one day.


This was the first beach we went to, Kaanapali beach. Great parking and easy to get too. We had a lot of fun snorkeling here at Black Rock. We rented chairs and Snorkel stuff from Snorkel Bob's. I also highly recommend them!


We packed our mini cooler each day.


We love McDonald's Diet Coke and were excited to find this one near our condo! To quote Christine, "We gotsta have our Diet Coke!"


They greeted me at our condo! Also, I am from the greatest state ever!


View from our lanai up the beach. Great water to swim in until we saw a big ole' piece of poop floating in the water! We were out of there so fast!


Our living room. We ended up moving to another one for a night and it was MUCH nicer. It only had a queen bed though and it is nice to share a king.

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Decided to split this up a bit! For our first night we decided to explore Front Street and we ate at Cool Cat Cafe. I found most of our places to eat on Yelp or Trip Advisor.


A temple.


Old theater.


First drink in Hawaii!


2 fisting it: Diet Coke and my first Mai Tai ever. It was good and strong!


I had a Hawaiian Burger and it was very good!


Christine had a guacamole bacon burger and it was also very good. This was one of my favorite meals! Great service, good food and lovely location.


Famous Banyan Tree. This is where they invented Hawaii.


Missionaries were not allowed to leave the US unless they were married so some would literally show up to the ship, get married and leave! Crazy!


I think the Baldwins were the first to Lahaina or something.


Lovely view of the harbor.


Hello Dave!


There used to be a ton of stores on Front Street and it was sad to see many of them closed. We did find this random phone booth in our search for a bathroom though.


I was enjoying reading Martin and Cheryl's trip report while I was gone so I took this picture in his honor!


The next day we went to breakfast at Cane and Taro. Again, great location and pretty good food.


Christine had crab cakes benedict.


I had delicious macadamia crusted french toast with berry cream cheese filling.


Also, some portugese sausage, which was just ok.


We also got massages at Zensations spa. It was in a strip mall but gorgeous inside! Best massage I have ever had!


They thought we were a couple when I booked so we shared a room. It was a little weird at first but we forgot each other was there.


They had really cool water fixtures.


After the spa, we wanted a cool treat. Yogurt!


Being totally relaxed = looking like this!


That's all for today, maybe I will finish tomorrow!

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How did I miss this? This looks like such an awesome trip for 2 fantastic people! I'm so glad you had a good time. This is a place I've always wanted to visit, hopefully someday I'll make it out there. Thanks for sharing the photos! Miss you both lots!



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