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NEWS: 1,168ft Thrill Coming to Toronto! CN Tower Edge Walk

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I'm in! Andrew and Jason, what date do you guys want to book our walk for!?


As much as I love the idea and can't wait to try it, I feel like this cheapens the CN Tower in a way. I've always thought of it as an architectural marvel, and now it's being used as a thrill whore like the Stratosphere.

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Agreed but at the same time they have to do something as they are losing business. Now they have The Edge and they will have the Ripley's Aquarium soon enough. Should be good.


Let me know when you guys are going, maybe I'll tag along.

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^Sounds like a plan, maybe we'll even post something up here during the summer. If we get enough people maybe we can try for a group rate?


I'm a bit disappointed that the Ripley's name will be on our aquarium. It just screams Clifton Hill tackiness to me. But then, I've never been to one of their aquariums so I guess I can't really comment thoughtfully on it yet.



I'm in! Andrew and Jason, what date do you guys want to book our walk for!?


As much as I love the idea and can't wait to try it, I feel like this cheapens the CN Tower in a way. I've always thought of it as an architectural marvel, and now it's being used as a thrill whore like the Stratosphere.


I'm kinda leaning toward maybe trying it out. We'll have to pick a date out soon, so as not to lose someone like me who's a bit freaked out about this thing. I'll bring the Depends.


Shawn, totally agree with your thoughts and am a bit up in the air about it. In terms of design, I guess it was always meant to provide utility and serve a function for communications rather than being an object of beauty. You can only do so much with concrete. It will always be an architectural achievement, no doubt and hopefully this won't be too noticeable from far away or down below. I don't think the tower will be fully whored out until they put actual rides on the roof of the main landing, which would really be disappointing. The difference with this compared to the ultimate in tackiness that was Tour of the Universe is that it isn't hidden inside.

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^For sure. Looks like we'll need to get a move on haha


Always interesting to see if this type of thing could be popular. Looks like they're overwhelmed by pent-up demand. Should be interesting to see how long it can last and over how many years.


CN Tower EdgeWalk overwhelmed by high demand

The Toronto Star

June 01, 2011


Dan Robson



Terrifying heights aside, the most challenging part of the CN Tower’s new EdgeWalk appears to be just getting a ticket.


Walking around a ledge at 356 metres above sanity is, apparently, highly appealing.


Tickets sales for the CN Tower’s new attraction kicked off on Wednesday to the continuous drone of a busy tone.


Stacey Kennedy was hoping to buy her husband, Phil Marambio, a $175 hands-free stroll around the tower’s main hub for his 40th birthday.


Kennedy called two dozen times, only to receive a busy signal again and again. The EdgeWalk website is not set up to process online orders.


Kennedy managed to reach a recorded message, and for a moment was excited to hear a real human voice. It apologized for the delay and gave her a new number to call.


It was busy.


“It’s brutal,” Kennedy said. “I was willing to wait on hold for 30, 60 minutes. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.


“But no human beings picked up. I couldn’t believe it.”


Jack Robinson, the CN Tower’s chief operating officer, said the first day of sales had been terrific. He didn’t specify numbers.


“We are thrilled with the response” he said. “Due to the huge response, customers may experience some delays in getting through, but we ask them to keep trying. It’s worth the wait.”


Kennedy agrees, but “if no one’s picking up the phone . . .”


“This is such a cool thing, but they’re just not ready to take the demand I guess,” she said. “If you have an international attraction, you’ve got to have international customer service.”


EdgeWalk opens Aug. 1.

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From my local paper.





TORONTO The CN Tower's latest attraction, which opens to the public on Monday, allows those with nerves of steel to walk on the edge — literally.


EdgeWalk allows thrill-seekers to walk hands free along a 1.5-metre-wide ledge around the top of the tower's main pod.


Daredevils take in stunning, open-air views of the city and Lake Ontario from 356 metres above the ground.


Safety harnesses and industrial-strength cables attach walkers to an overhead rail, allowing them to lean off the edge of the platform without holding onto anything.


The experience costs $175 and lasts a total of 90 minutes, with the walk itself taking 20 to 30 minutes. Trained guides lead the walkers in groups of six to eight.


The attraction is already booked solid for the first two days that it's open, as well as the first two Saturdays.


Walkers are suited up, strapped into harnesses and given breathalyzer tests before they step out. All loose items like shoes and glasses are secured, while hair clips and jewelry are removed.


Once at the top, walkers can tiptoe along the very edge of the platform or lean forwards or back, allowing the cables to hold their weight as they dangle over the city.


EdgeWalk will be open every year from May to October in all weather except high winds and electrical storms.


The Canadian Press

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To those that were initially interested in doing this. Are you guys still interested? If so, PM me and we can maybe get a list/date together and start pursuing group rates if we have enough people.


I am very excited that the black tarp/netting that was up there ended up coming down or not being used. Was worried about it blocking the view and ruining the experience.

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^ that was a great segment from the show.


I went last Tuesday as part of a birthday present from my parents. It was incredible to be up on the outside of the tower leaning out 1,168 feet above the city. The group spent a good 30 minutes outside walking around, doing a bunch of leans over the edge (forwards and backwards), and the guide pointed out a lot of stuff around the city. It was one of the most terrifying things I've ever done.


For those thinking the $175 price tag is a bit high I can say it was worth every penny. The whole package includes the total tower experience ($35), 30 minute edge walk, a 10-15 minute DVD of the walk, and two photos. Plus the groups are limited to a max 6 people so you really get personal experience at edge walk.


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