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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

P. 50: New Orleans seeking redevelopment proposals for SFNO site

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You'all hiring here?  

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Call Vekoma,America's Last Backwards Train Coaster is turning purple of sadness!


Jester was actually pretty smooth, surprisingly. Apparently SFI invested a nice chunk of capital to refurbish the ride during its' move from Fiesta Texas to New Orleans. The trains didn't align with the air gates since they were turned around, but the ride was definitely unique.


I'm still surprised they didn't tear out the Vekoma Boomerang and ship it to another park under the Deja Vu name.

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I am sorry to say that SSAI (Southern Star Amusement Inc.) could not find an investor for the park. We did however send a letter to the IDB expressing our hope that the City will save the park by using its own funds along with other funding ideas to save the park. As to if the IDB placed this letter in the record as of now I have no clue.


It has been a hard road filled with disapointments and lost chances, however it was a road I would travel again if it could save your park. I still feel this park can and should be saved and who knows what the IDB may have recived.


For now I want to say thanks for all the support and yes the digs as well over the last few years. we can all hold are heads high as we did give it one hell of a try.


All the best to each of you and keep looking up!



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The City Of New Orleans opened up bidding in April of this year for redevelopment of SFNO. They had a meeting yesterday to review the 8 bidder proposals. Here's the eight proposals:


Louisiana Heritage Resort BP: 200-plus-acre resort with nine "theme lands" and 20 acres of sound stages.

RCS Entertainment Inc.: Crescent City Amusement Park, a green amusement park.

Dag Development and Provident: outlet mall with a boardwalk entertainment district.

Packaert LLC: electric power generation plant.

The Paida Company: water park and back lot for the film industry.

JWM Ventures: resort with theme park, water park and sports complex.

Powell Commodity Inc.: commercial retail and family entertainment venue with theme park.

A business coalition led by Al Philips: eco park focusing on green usages of water and green construction.


There will be another meeting next week to narrow it down to five. The criteria for selection is in the article.



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One of the companies which submitted a proposal to New Orleans regarding the possible use of the Jazzland site has launched a website giving details on their intentions if awarded the contract. Surprisingly, they want to throw the park back to a time when it was Jazzland, with some modern updates in the mix!




The City of New Orleans issued an RFP for redevelopment proposals for the former Jazzland/Six Flags property. The deadline for those proposals was October 31, 2011. The Paidia Company submitted a proposal to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride. Additionally, we propose to add a water park and movie back lot to the site.


This website is still a work-in-progress. The map section, in particular, is still being updated. We appreciate your patience as more information is added daily.


Ya'll come on inside and look around and see what adventures await your exploration in our celebration of Louisiana.




While our proposal includes several changes to the existing site, it is still in the conceptual stage. Plans will only be finalized after we have had the opportunity to conduct community meetings so that we can get citizen comments and feedback regarding the proposed plans. Engineering studies regarding the structural integrity of the structures must also be conducted. In the current conceptual plan, the park's footprint would be expanded slightly. The new water park would be constructed adjacent to the park, with the film back lot at the opposite end of the available acreage. This is illustrated on the park map that can be accessed via the link at the top of this page.


Why the name Jazzland? In addition to being the right name for the theme, let's face it ... this is Louisiana. No matter what name we would put out on the sign, everybody would still call it 'Jazzland', so why fight it? Jazzland will be returned to its roots, a celebration Louisiana. Our intentions are to infuse the park with art, music and cultural elements that highlight our rich heritage. The park will utilize some of the existing elements, while adding others. The park will be divided into four areas:

"The Quarter" -- focuses on our history

"The Bayou" -- focuses on our diverse cultures

"The Beach" -- focuses on our enjoyment of life

"Sportsman's Paradise" -- focuses on our love of the outdoors


Each area will include a selection of attractions that should appeal to the entire family group. We also are dedicated to having the site serve as a real asset to the community. In addition to the economic impact it should have to the area and the jobs created, we plan on working with area schools and foundations to help inspire youth by exposing them to new career opportunities and to help show them the potential their lives can have. More information on our community involvement plans is available on our Community page.




The MegaZeph coaster has been an iconic ride at the park since it opened. A hybrid wood and steel structure, its original design was inspired by the Zephyr coaster at the historic Pontchartrain Beach amusement park. The ride was originally designed by the now defunct Custom Coasters International (CCI). The structure is a key component of the park's skyline. While it will take a significant capital investment, due to the hybrid nature of the structure, the ride is restorable. We plan to utilize The Gravity Group for the restoration. The Gravity Group has on its staff former CCI engineers that were involved with the original MegaZeph design and construction.


Utilizing The Gravity Group's expertise, a survey and complete engineering assessment of the structure will be conducted. Once the survey is complete, in addition to any required structural repairs, adjustments may be made to the ride's profile and banking to ensure the smoothest ride possible. Inspired by the original Zephyr, we also plan on adding a tunnel to a section of the track. Once the structure has been returned to safe operating condition, new Timberliner trains with audio capability from Gravity Kraft will be installed.


Finalizing the renovation will be the addition of a soundtrack. Better Than Ezra (BTE) will potentially be supplying the music, turning MegaZeph into the "King of New Orleans". BTE's passion for music, and love for the city they call home, New Orleans, is a perfect match for the iconic coaster. Theme elements specific to BTE may also be added to the attraction.


These are just some of the highlights of the larger website which has a more detailed rundown on their plans for the park if given the chance. Make sure to check out the proposed park's website for more information--we'll be watching out for more news as it comes!


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That proposal is Southern Star sans Danny Rodgers, which means there's probably not a dime backing it up. Take a look at the About Us page. Two of those people were associated with Southern Star.

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Honestly, I did not ride megazeph till it's third or fourth year. It was not a good coaster. Reprofiling will be great. The alveys enen said, "it is rampy" and it is. Pretty boring. The first drop is the ride.


The problem from the beginning is you need tourist. In it's original form there were shuttles to take you there from your hotel. It just didn't work. People don't go to New Orleans for a Theme park. The area it is in is Afro American and the white people will tell you not to go to the park because you will get shot or stabbed. I have personally been told it and talked to the locals.


To draw out of towners it needs sometrhing BIG to draw people to the city specifically for the park.


If it gets re openened i wish them the best of luck. I will believe it's longevity and success when i see it.

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^I think they'd find better success with an established band like Led Zeppelin or Moody Blues... That's worked in the past!


The committee has whittled down the eight proposals to a mere two for consideration in the second round!


The committee tasked with deciding the fate of the abandoned former Six Flags amusement park in eastern New Orleans narrowed the field of proposals from eight to two on Tuesday. The two proposals will advance to a second round that will include in-person interviews and formal presentations.


Based on the results of the meeting, the 150-acre site could become either a green amusement park or an upscale outlet mall.


The former is a $200 million plan from a Houston company called RCS Entertainment. Phase One of the company's plan calls for keeping the park's existing inventory of rides and reopening the space as an amusement park. In a second phase, RCS said it would build out the property to include a water park and hotel. The first phase of development would produce 2,000 jobs, according to the company's proposal


RCS, which is currently developing an amusement park in the Houston area, according to its website, said it envisions its development in New Orleans to be on the order of Busch Gardens.


The second proposal to move on to round two is for a $40 million, 400,000-square-foot upscale outlet mall. That proposal, from DAG Development and Provident Development, also contemplates a second phase that would include a theme park and entertainment district, employing as many as 4,000 upon completion.


The committee seemed impressed with Provident Development's history of retail development and with the prospect that it would bring much-needed retail to eastern New Orleans.


The group plans to meet again in December to hear formal pitches from both parties.


The six proposals rejected are:

  • An eco park proposed by the Al Philips business coalition.
  • A theme park, resort and soundstage proposed by La Heritage Resort.
  • An electric power plant proposed by PackAert LLC.
  • A back lot for the film industry and a theme park proposed by The Paidia Company.
  • An adventure and water park proposed by JWM Ventures.
  • A theme park with country-themed lands proposed by Powell Commodity.

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I guess this committee lives by the rule:


"If at first you don't succeed, let's waste another 200 million building almost the exact same thing as Six Flags."


Considering the location, I can't believe they rejected the power plant.

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So it sounds like that it won't matter which one gets chosen, there will be a theme park in the plans. Sounds cool and I have a SLIGHT more confidence that it might happen with Danny out of the works.


Speaking of Danny, I wonder what he's doing these days?

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So it sounds like that it won't matter which one gets chosen, there will be a theme park in the plans. Sounds cool and I have a SLIGHT more confidence that it might happen with Danny out of the works.


Speaking of Danny, I wonder what he's doing these days?


I think Danny was washing my car at McDonald's last week.

They were raising money for the Southern Star Pep Club.

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An upscale outlet mall in that location? I invite city officials to go check out Watermark Place in Bessemer, AL and then travel down I-459 to see where almost all of the formers stores have moved to.


No doubt.


That location really doomed Jazzland / SFNO. Do they really think a mall is going to help? Have they ever googled "Dead Mall" before?

I've already seen Malls with much better locations already fail..... Plus, New Orleans isn't exactly know for its affluent demographics and

now has a far smaller population than before Katrina.


I really hope someone crunches the numbers in a serious manner before they dump more money into this thing.

If they do build it -- I'd love to get some credits before they under. I didn't move fast enough to get my credits

at Wild West World.

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The Paidia Company (One of the six company's that didn't make the cut) spoke out on their website!


11-29-11: A news article just posted at the Times-Picayune indicates that only two proposals will be considered. We do not feel that either is a viable option for the property, however, it is not our decision to make. The first, an outlet mall, was put forward by one of the two developer participants of the walk-thru. While they do indeed have a strong record, it does not appear to be the best use of the property given the amount of vacant retail space in the area coupled with an outlet mall just north of the site in Slidell. The second proposal to move forward, an amusement park proposed by a Houston developer who did not attend the walk-thru, seems to have an excessive budget that is difficult to rationalize. Again, however, it is not our decision to make. While this site may not serve any continued purpose at this time, we will let it remain active so that you may see what the park "could" have been.






I don't think the city wants a theme park IMO!

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People have to live in a town in order to support retail. La has two outlet malls already and one about an hour from the old SF's site. I'd be curious to see current numbers of how many displaced individuals have rebuilt and returned to New Orleans. Regardless, from a tourists prospective, I'd rather have seen a themepark/waterpark/backlot with tour, or some sort of mixed use boardwalk style park and shopping. Oh well, it is La afterall.

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