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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

P. 50: New Orleans seeking redevelopment proposals for SFNO site

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I have done everything I can to get the city to allow us (or someone else) to rebuild your park. As it has been allowed to run down and become the mess it is today. I still would take it on if the city would just step out of the way and allow us to try! I am still looking for ways to save the park but feel time is running out fast! I have been talking with some investors who could make it happen, however most think that the city is just not worth the risk, and that's sad indeed! I have come to know a lot of folks in New Orleans who are good and honest people who in the end are the ones that have been hurt by the loss of this park.


I am still doing all that I can to save it, but feel the end is at hand. I have only one or two investors who could save the park but both think the city is a bad investment, and the city is doing nothing to change there minds.


The next few weeks or days will tell the story and I like you am ready to just close the book or start a new chapter its all in the hands of the city now and all of you as well, if you want your park back now would be a good time to make it very clear to the powers that be or just sit back and allow the end to come.


My thanks to all of you for everything both good and bad your posts have allowed me a real insight into your world and I will indeed miss some of your barbs (NOT) however again my thanks to you all, sorry I could not save your park, it was not from a lack of effort. For now there are other projects in the works, but I will always feel the loss of



Until Another Day Take Care!


Danny R Rogers

Southern Star Amusement Inc.




I will be on FOX 8 tonight at 9:30 or 10pm tune in and let me know what you think.




Well, that was about it. I told them that we are still looking for backing and that the city should deal with the security and clean up of the park. As it stands, no one will invest in the park as bad as it looks. To see the report go to fox 8 New Orleans main page- go mid way down on the right side to more video, open that and then on the left side replace the word search with six flags then hit "GO" . The name of the report is Flood damaged Six Flags creates problems ----- so on.

Hope you take the time to look at it. If some one knows how it could be posted here that would help I think.








Even though it's been closed for business since Hurricane Katrina, the old Six Flags Amusement Park is apparently open to adventure seekers. A group of local high school kids recently went there on a photo shoot, in which some might consider downright risky.


Delores Ainsworth remembers when Six Flags in New Orleans East was up and running before the site flooded during Hurricane Katrina. "It's just heartbreaking to see, something for children and families to enjoy... and it isn't back yet," says Ainsworth.


Six years later, abandoned, unsafe and unsecured, the old amusement park site is wide open. There aren't even any "no trespassing" signs up at one of the main entrances. And it has apparently become a hot spot once again for some local teenagers.


FOX 8 obtained snapshots that were taken just days ago, then posted on Facebook. New Orleans high school students, who we won't identify, walked right into the shut down park, to pose for a few pics. They not only pretended to be riding the rides.. but they also climbed to the top of the more than 10 stories-high Mega Zeph wooden roller coaster.


"That's devastating," says Ainsworth. "I wouldn't want my child to be enticed by something like this."


The city says it's aware of the problem, but it simply became too expensive to pay for around the clock security at the 140-acre site. So there is none. Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant says, "We've got signage up and they are breaking the law. We don't feel like it's a liability. People have to be responsible for themselves and stay out of the site."


Again, a missing gate at the entrance leave the park open to anyone who wants to drive in. The lack of security explains even more photographs that surfaced earlier this year by a group of so-called urban explorers. They show up close photos of the amusement park's decay and devastation.


Councilman Jon Johnson says he's had serious conversations about the safety issue with the Landrieu administration, telling FOX 8, "It is a liability, an accident waiting to happen. We simply have to move on it." He says, "The place has to be better secured and we have to get in there and get it cleaned up." Neighbors in his district agree.


"It's an eyesore. If you gonna fix it, then fix it. If not, remove it," says Ainsworth.


Neither option appears to be on the horizon, which makes dangerous photo shoots like the most recent one even more likely in the future. The city says its property management department goes out to the old Six Flags site periodically and NOPD checks on it from time to time.


Earlier this year, Southern Star Amusements expressed new interest in re-developing the amusement park, but the city says, right now there are no definitive plans.




The old Six Flags site, owned by the city, is run down with overgrown grass, debris and covered in graffiti six years after Katrina. Besides that, FOX 8 showed how local teenagers gained access to the unsecured site and took pictures of themselves on the rides. Some even climbed up to the top of the more than 10 story high mega zeph wooden roller coaster.


“After seeing the news reports about the invasion out there, it dawned on me that this is an opportunity for vandalism and mischief of all kinds,” says Dr. Ronald French


Our story gained the attention of the administration and the city’s Industrial Development Board.


“The city of New Orleans acted immediately after there was a FOX News documentary on Six Flags and it’s security, so immediately those front gates were closed,” says Walter Flower


Still, there are other ways to access the property. Carl Timmons lives nearby and he worries people will easily find a way in. “There’s a gate on that sides you can go through, and there’s another gate on that side,” says Timmons


The Board says it knows about hundreds of feet of downed fencing and another gate that is still open. It’s agreed to spend about $8,200 to fix it. Grass has already been cut along the roadway, and the city says 7th district police officers are patrolling the area. Board members, though, worry if that’s enough.


“I don’t think the police circling it from time to time is going to do it. I’m suggesting we thing about the possibility of hiring security,” says French


President of the Board, Walter Flower says the city is very low on funds and getting full time security at the site, could be a problem. “One other suggestion would be to possibly have some security service on unannounced times to check the property rather than have the expense to the have somebody there full time,” says Flower.


While the city decides what to do with the 140 acre site, the board is deciding how to secure and possibly clean it up.


The board says there's about $100,000 set aside for the old site. The concern is that the board will burn through that money very quickly with grass cutting and security. At that point, the board says it doesn't know what will happen if the property is still owned by the city.

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^ I'll bring the marshmallows!


I knew this park was never going to be reopened ever since Katrina damaged it so badly. It's been about 6 years now, and the city still can't support a large attraction like this. Way too risky to mess with. That leaves two other options: 1) tear it down or 2) leave it like it is, an eyesore, until someone gets seriously injured and files a lawsuit against the city. Obviously, option 1 is the better choice.

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^But their current actions involving the park looks like they're leaning toward option the second...


Seriously, get your crap cleaned up and get the hell outta there, Danny Rogers! It's not worth saving! If it had, the quick-smart Six Flags people would've shown some initiative 5 or 6 years ago. However, by leaving it in it's current state of neglect and abandonment, Six Flags has inadvertently gotten groups of people interested in turning into a park again.


^^I like your thinking. I'll bring chocolate. Whether it all makes it though the odyssey to N'awrlins is not my responsibility.

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Well the IDB has secured the park and the police are keeping a better eye on it for now. I went by the park July 5 and it is much better secured. Thank you City and now lets get on with talking about rebuilding the park! I am in SC this week and will be in the city next week for a day and hope for a face to face with the Mayor.I will keep you all posted on how and if that comes down.





Danny's coming back to town!

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More than six years after Hurricane Katrina, the Six Flags amusement park is still vacant and the city is looking for someone to buy it.

Monday was the deadline to bid on the land.


Neighbors said the site has become an eye sore.


Councilman Jon Johnson (D) represents the area and said a number of plans for the park have been considered.


"One of the things that has been mentioned (is,) from time to time, using it as a movie set some kind of a back lot where you can actually create something similar to what you have in Hollywood -- already developed," Johnson said.


If the city doesn't find a developer that can reopen the site as an amusement park, it has the option to auction it to a private bidder.


The city still owes $13 million in loans taken out to build the park in the 1990s.

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This thread seems no longer relevant.


Six Flags is completely out of the picture and no longer accountable for what happens to the old Jazzland site.


Southern Star was originally going to open a park in Mississippi, but decided to save money buy rehabing the new orleans site. They attempted multiple times to aquire the site and failed. Why Danny Rogers seems to be forever linked to the sight is beyond me. The Southern Star offices have closed up long ago and the last news update on the website was nine months ago


The old Jazzland site is now absolutely 100% the city of New Orleans property and responsibility. Seems this thread should be deleted or renamed to something more suited to the current time. Suggestions? Anyone?



Give it a break! Ooops, already broken


Give it a rest! Ooops, already rested for years.


Ok, I could go on and on but I'll spare you.

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Yes, we understand Six Flags and Southern Star are out of the picture. True we could change the title of the thread to the "Big Abandoned Amusement Park Outside of New Orleans Discussion Thread", but we won't.


This thread follows the de-evolution of the park since Hurricane Katrina and can be a source of information for those interested. As such, leaving SFNO and Southern Star in the title helps when people are searching for information.


Also, "Big Abdandoned Amusement Park Outside of New Orleans Discussion Thread" is too long for a title.

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