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Photo TR:I survived Katrina and the Waves


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After 5 days with no power, I just saw on the news how bad Katrina has gotten, and my prayers go out to those who were REALLY effected! I now know how lucky we here in Florida were...


Thursday night: 6PM, the storm is really effecting us, and as expected, our neighborhood lost power almost instantly. Trees fell everywhere in the neighborhood, and nobody expected this sort of damage, because everyone was so used to indirect hits of stronger storms. When it reched Fort Lauderdale, it was only a Category 1, but it was a direct hit. Our highest sustained wind speed was 88 MPH.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, power is still out here, but the coffeeshop I work for gets power on Sunday, and I go to work voluntarily for AC! We didn't open, we just had the clean all the food out. After 3 days without power, a resuarant stinks like dead bodies, and mold is over everything that used to be edible. It took us 4 hours to dispose of everything in the shop, and scrub everything.


Monday, I go to work, 1st day back open. I still don't have power, but we got a generator on Sunday, so we created a "safe room" to run a small AC, TV, fan, fridge, and light. I will care for my generator like a child, as it is a life saver. Power goes on late Monday night, but we only have the 110 line into the house operational. Our 220 line is still not in working order, so we're still stuck in the safe room for AC. I'm ready for a divorce from my miserable partner at this point. LOL


Tuesday, my day off, I go to work anyway to hang out in real AC, and drink coffee for free until I'm blue in the face. Internet connection comes on at 8pm. I'm now sweating my ass off typing this message. We won't have full power until Friday morning.




But here was my venture through the storm in pictures. (A video is forthcoming!!!)


we lost all our food. :(


and a flashlight!


And this is me waving my cell phone...


out of boredom, i start doing experiments with my camera... this is a car... LOL


Our view during the outage, only the airportlights couple be seen....


I got sunburn after laying in the drive way with a mister cooling me off. (I'm so Polish!)


but it looks like he used the hot tub.


The dog takes a crap in the littered back yard.


We were lucky, only one branch fell in our yard.


more trees


blocking the roads


This is why I lost power for 5 days, trees everywhere.


As I finish up, it starts to rain.


Hot tub is ready for the storm. (As is the house)

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Glad to hear you are ok. I like the test photos of the lights. Really cool!


How long was the hurricane over you?


Thanks everyone for the "welcome backs".


We started feeling the effects of the storm on Thursday afternoon, the eye hit us late that night, and we had storms all thru friday. Again, we were lucky because of the shape of the storm, and it's unexpected movement south as it hit land.

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Dang man, you look like a freakin' lobster or something, how long were you out there for? I conked out at my grandma's house while house sitting for half an hour around 2pm, ran inside and watched the color changing begin. Man did that suck, and painful too.


Anyway, glad to hear you're okay, hope the hot tub will turn out good too.

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Glad you are ok. You got hit worse than some people I know who lived nearby New Orleans (Houma, LA).


At least power is back on!


(come to think of it, you got a worse affect than I did after three hurricanes -- must be the disney magic).


p.s. really think your cell phone pic is cool.


Glad you are o.k. -- you got hit bad.

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