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Memorial Park, Cave City, KY [RCT2]

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Note: I would like to give thanks to xxxVJ300xxx of Youtube for the scenario that will be the base for the park that will be built! Seriously, check out his RCT2 Scenario Pack, it has alot of new scenarios for the game that look like they were made for the game!


Feburary 5th, 1959


Hi, this is Joseph DeRosa, I am the new park manager for Memorial Park of Cave City, Kentucky. Memorial Park, which opened in 1921, was at one time was the largest tourist trap here in Cave City right behind Mammoth Cave. Sadly, over the years, people became less and less interested in tourist traps, and Cave City in general, which hurt the park so hard it closed its gates in 1958, along with a wooden roller coaster named Titan, a car ride, a merry-go-round, a shoot-the-chutes named Lighting River, a miniature railway that winded around the forest that surrounded the park,and a prototype coaster that was never finished before the park closed. Titan, the railroad, and Lightning River were partially dismantled off-season during the winter.


I am here to tell you that the newly created Cave City Amusements Company has acquired Memorial Park at an auction early this year with intentions to rebuild and re-open the park by late August. The August date is the minimum deadline we were given for the condition for the park to remain open. If we don't suceed, the park will be completely shutdown, and all the rides will be demolished on the site. I hope you will help support us during this time!


Here are some photos that date back to the end of last year, that show the park in its poor state.


This is the overview of the park. The forest was almost destroyed by over-logging when the park was being built, small fact I had to get out.


This is the merry-go-round, its colours sadly have faded to a dark purple.


This shows the wooden rollercoaster Titan, which was in the beginning stages of demolition. You also can see the new addition, a proto-type ride we designed called a Roto-Drop. We are expecting it to be a sucessful design.


Here is the unfinished proto-type ride, Dynamite Karts, a STEEL roller coaster! How amazing is that?


Here is the car ride, it had unique cars were supposedly based on a car model that never caught on in the early 1950's.


This is Electric River. Or at least, 25% of what remains of the ride. It was in a late-stage of demolition when we bought the park.


Finally, here is the miniature railway. Rebuilding it will actually be the hardest ride to do so, the river that flows into the park makes it mandatory to include extra-supports around the bridge which has collapsed.


We will inform you more when there either is a new development or a complication has arisen. Stay tuned.

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I like the concept so far,but they didn't have Intamin Drop Towers in the 1950's.

Don't worry, its actually going to be removed after a few years since its the first drop tower ever... Should have left the spinning part out back then.


But yeah, I see your point.

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August 6th, 1959


Joseph DeRosa here, and the park has been renovated and opened to the public only five days late, with positive reviews!


Well, almost...You see, Titan and Electric Falls have been getting complaints of severe pain on their tracks, notably on Electric Fall's 85 foot drop and splashdown and the lake Titan goes over, it seems the wooden supports have began to rot away for Titan due to its paint being removed. And guests say the splash on Electric Fall's hurts due to hitting the water at such a fast speed. However, we discovered yet again it was another paint problem, this time it was a ineffective paint that was used every year on the ride due to its cheap cost, but actually tore off easily in rain, exposing the ride to the elements and the supports rusted! We need your opinion what type of paint we need to buy for both rides, but one limitation is that they shall NOT be the same colour.


But enough about the bad news, let me show you around!


Here is the Miniature Railroad, with the red train that the staff calls "Lizzie". There is a second, blue train they also call "Hurricane", for some reason. Don't ask me, I am not the one who named them that!


Here is the bridge that delayed the park's opening day. Guests tell us it wobbles alot when the train goes over it. Of course its due to the weight of the train and the current flowing against the bridge, not a sign its going to collapse!


Here's the lake we were talking about. As you can see, we will need to add extra supports to Titan if we want to keep it for a very long time! And both Electric River and Titan need new paint jobs, BADLY!


If you ask me, you will NEVER get me on that ride. I think the boats might fly off at the speed they go down the chute! I mean just look at the angle it goes down at!


Yup, the car ride has been re-tracked and its house it goes into has been repaired! And what is that in the corner of my eye I see?


We thought we had enough time to give the merry-go-round a new paint job, but due to time restrictions, we decided to only fix the machinery. Don't worry, we still will make it beautiful again!


Here is a overview of the newly-retracked Titan and the sadly disappointing Roto-Drop. Apparently the wires inside the radiotower-esque concrete pillar keep snapping inside and grind the ride to a halt. It has done this since testing about seven times!


Finally, here it is, Dynamite Karts at last finished! It was designed and made by Arrow Dynamics, a company which just recently began making coasters. Don't be fooled by that track, it is actually made of steel!


Here is something unique and scary to Dynamite Karts, it actually is true to its theme and goes underground! Be sure to 'TAKE COVER!' as the sign says!


Here is the new entrance designed by us. You may say your opinions on it as soon as this report is done. It was based on some of Cave City's buildings around town.


Here is one last look at the lake that Titan and Electric River go over. I hope you can give us good ideas what colours would fit them! This is Joseph DeRosa signing off!

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While I can appreciate the 'basic' feel of this RCT II scenario, I have to say there's some -itty-bitty- issues I have with some of the rides in there...


1.) The 'modern' splashwater falls ride dates to 1982

2.) the 'modern' Mine train dates to 1963

3.) the 'modern' RotoDrop dates to 1998 and later...


Otherwise, the park looks good. But the dates of 1959 just don't fly- as the rides didn't exist then.

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While I can appreciate the 'basic' feel of this RCT II scenario, I have to say there's some -itty-bitty- issues I have with some of the rides in there...


1.) The 'modern' splashwater falls ride dates to 1982

2.) the 'modern' Mine train dates to 1963

3.) the 'modern' RotoDrop dates to 1998 and later...


Otherwise, the park looks good. But the dates of 1959 just don't fly- as the rides didn't exist then.

Thanks for the feedback, don't worry there will be edits to Electric River to make it seem a bit more... dated, to say the least, but Dynamite Karts is staying.


The Roto-Drop on the other hand...


Where did you download VJ's Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario pack from?


Just search Youtube VJ's Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Pack and in the description for the video it will have two links, both the same download but I guess just in case one of the websites goes down or one link doesn't work. It contains a lot of scenarios, and seems like a step up for each of the original ones included with the game, in my opinion.


July 7th, 1960


Hello again readers! Joseph DeRosa here, and we have a big update to bring you up-to-date on that you missed at last day of the season last year!




Wonder World is a new area we have built that is targeted at the younger generation. It includes a Scrambler, a Haunted House, and a Spiral Slide. Currently theming has yet to be worked on due to financial difficulties here at the company, but it should be up and looking fabulous by next season! Also, a new Ferris Wheel has been built behind the complex. Sadly, due to the new area being in front of the miniauture railroad, a rather unsightly bridge has been built to access the new attraction.


Also, Electric River and Titan have been give new, temporary paint schemes until we can decide on a colour or theme they will go with. The Carousel has also been repainted, and not only that, a new organ was given to it to play music throughout the park! Across from it, a set of buildings have been built, mostly cafes and gift shops, but there also now is a museum built about Kentucky's unique landscape and history! Currently it is off limits, work is still being done on the interior of the building.


In other, dissappointing news, the Roto-Drop has been demolished due to its technical issues. In total, it had 37 breakdowns, 7 of them before the park was re-opened!


Oh well, lets get on to the pictures, shall we?


Here is the entrance again, we have added roofing to the stations for the miniature railroad due to leaves falling inside the tracks during the fall.


Besides no more Roto-Drop, you can see Titan's new paintjob, along with the extra supports to keep it not too bone-rattling! Strange, this paint job looks familar...


Electric River looks rather bland in its paint job I say, then again, the ride itself has been a eyesore ever since it was built! And we see you new railroad station!


Here is "Not-So-Wonder World". I know, the theming is bad. Then again, it wouldn't be if we could AFFORD IT!


There is the Ferris Wheel. I really hope we can find a better location for it, I am afraid the bridge is going to hurt someone on the train ride one day.


Oh my how I love the new look of the park centre! Er, center of the park at least. The Carousel's colours look striking, no?


My bad on this one, we were trying to recreate a "boardwalk-esque" building for the Car-Ride and... the building didn't come out as we expected. Oh, but don't worry...


...because we are planning something else for this section in the future, something BIG. Won't tell you yet though!


-Joseph DeRosa

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