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Yeah, this is nice. It amazes me what you can do with this game. Your environments are always so natural, and of course, beautiful.


If this is suppose to be like Holiday World's voyager, it should have 7 cars per train. No big deal, though.




Edit: ^ It's a design, and submitting the park now disqualifies the submission of it over at NE.

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Nice to see you pop in here Liam. Again, I love this project dude.


For those who don't understand its a design attempt. Basically, its one coaster with themed surroundings and such. ITs an accolade at NE, one that Liampie seems to have in the bag with this one. Nice job.

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Liam, it's nice to see you showing off your amazing skills over here for the TPR community. Like I said on NE this is a gorgeous roller coaster in ever sence of the word. I can't wait to get home and open this baby up. Congrats on the design!

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