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S&S Slammer at Thorpe Park

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First riders are taken soaring 105 feet towards the sky. As their faces confront the clouds they are flipped over to be slam-dunked towards the earth in an intense 30mph “free fall” only to swoop skywards again just before hitting the ground and giving the ultimate pulled out of your seat experience!


An impressive looking ride, giving both a positive and negative g-force experience, with two giant paddles rotating 360 degrees backwards and forwards around a centre axis.


SLAMMER promises dizzying, adrenaline-fuelled free fall thrills, as well as providing those left on the ground with an awesome spectacle.


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I finally got on this 2 weeks ago, it was closed most of the day but opened up about 3pm, and i throughly enjoyed it, was a different experience, and i hink a good addition to the park. Now if only it were more reliable.

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I agree - I was very lucky to get on it since they advertised that the ride would not open that day, but sure enough it did and it was GREAT!


Just would like to add that operations at Thorpe Park were fantastic. I was amazed at the rate of people the crew managed to pump through, particularly the Nemesis: Inferno & Colossus crew and their absolute zero tolerance for queue jumping. Love it!

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Absolutely, we were in the Nemesis Inferno Queue, and this group of Chav Trash decided to cut in line and join their mates. When we got into the station, this group proceeded to get onto the train, when the operator told them to get out. A bit of an argument ensued, in the end he left the people in the group who had already queued, but threw off the jumpers with great calm and efficiency, one poor attendant had two of these idiots screaming in his face and he just stood there calmly.


I didn't think Slammer would open that day i went, it was testing a lot of the day, but every time we walked up to it, the guy said he was doubtful it would be. Ten minutes later we walk up and we get straight to the front of the line. When we finished our ride the line was huge.

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That ride rocks... I can't take spinning rides but it is nothing like a spinning ride. Just keep in mind that if you are in the seats at the back of the paddle it is a pretty intense ride. The seats at the front give a fun ride without being as intense and you get a great view of the other paddle.

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