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Interested in a TPR day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

Are you interested in this event?  

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^ & ^^ - Please make sure you guys are voting in the poll. It will be the poll numbers that will decide if I do an event or not. If you don't respond to the poll question, your response will not get tabulated.


Sorry, was posting from my phone at work. Forgot to hit yes since I had to go. Voted now.

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If only it were a week sooner, then I would be there, but I just agreed to help my younger sister move out to Seattle by driving cross-country with her starting the 15th, and then flying back home on the 28th after my older sister's wedding reception.


Would definately be worth it, so I may have to make it up by going to East Coast Bash in Hershey



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All the coaster events would happen on the weekend of my birthday, which is coincidentally the same weekend as my sister's graduation. There's no way I could get away from the family this time around...maybe next year... (Crosses Fingers).


Interested, but not voting because I can't attend this year.

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Robb, I'm REALLY intrested! Just a quick question though, If we aren't season pass holder, would we have to pay for the discounted tickets and then another fee for everything else or just for the tickets?

If you aren't a season passholder the event is going to be about $90. The reality is that Busch Gardens is an expensive park, even with a group rate discount. So in order to do an event at that park, and you don't have a season pass, it's going to not be cheap. But think about what's included and decide if having the ERT and the meal is worth it for you.

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Not this year. Although Busch Gardens Williamsburg is one of my favorite parks, my money is mostly going toward the TPR North East trip and I've got something else planned that weekend anyway. If this event happens next year, however, I'd definitely try to attend.

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