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Jurassic Park-Isla Nora [RCT2]

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May 2, 8:17 AM EDT


Russian Billionaire tapped to resurrect theme park

By Jonas Edwards

Associated Press


-AP-Newswire: Monday May 2, 2011.

A report has surfaced that Russian billionaire magnate Alexei Petrovski has been working behind the scenes in funding a new theme park to be built on the island of Isla Nora, located approximately 2-miles from Isla Sorna (formally known as “site B”). Jurassic Park-Isla Nora is now being resurrected as a theme park and Injen Research & Development Group (IRDG) will become the primary operators.


Jurassic Park initially started as a theme park funded by John Hammond, CEO of Injen. The futuristic park was developed by a team of scientists to clone dinosaurs by using their DNA to create a unique attraction for park guests. The park was immediately shutdown when a park worker was attacked and killed by one of the dinosaurs.


Site development work has already begun on the multi-million dollar facility and infrastructure is nearly complete. The park amusement rides have begun to arrive via cargo ships and will be erected within a couple of months. The park will boast over 50 rides, shows and attractions when completed. Phase One of the project will incorporate several themed rides including a state-of-the-art rollercoaster named “Raptor”. Raptor is a B&M-designed wing-rider attraction that will surely thrill guests upon entering the park. Located on the former Injen research lab site, Raptor will take guests on a journey reminiscent of the days when the original park was being built. “This ride will be in memory of those who sacrificed much over the years working for InJen,” John Hammond comments. “We are committed to this project and the amount of time, money and effort being put into this park will showcase a new realm of theme park design.”


Total cost of the project has been kept secret although some may suggest the park and its investors are pouring some $400 million into the project. Theme park expert Jason Garau believes the park may be biting off a bit more than they can chew. “That is a large sum of money and risk considering their past two project have failed,” Garau states. “I doubt they will be able to recoup any of their investment poured into the park.” John Hammond disagrees. “We have learned from our past mistakes and took a prudent approach and looked at all of our options before proceeding with this project. Our success is based on the team we have assembled and our goals remain the same.” The local Costa Rican government is an agreement with Hammond as they have infused some $10 million into the project and have offered assistance in any way possible to see this park succeed. Others may be skeptical, but the local people are excited that the project is moving at a rapid rate. Look for a soft-opening around the end of 2012 with phase one completed. Phase two will open approximately in mid-2013.


JP-Isla Nora under construction


Park entry plaza.


"Raptor"-Park signature coaster is being constructed.


West end of the island.


Another ocean view of the island.


This area nearly completed.


Another view of West side of the island.


Raptor roller coaster area.

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Phase One is almost completed for opening while construction is underway for Phase Two.


East end of the island.


Breeding habitat area.






Raptor area completed. Testing is now underway for the coaster and adjacent rides.

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Actually the coaster(s) are 2 different styles. One is a Wild Mouse version and the other is a Suspended Hairpin Coaster. The idea behind it was a theme of Brachiosaurus and the 2 coasters not necessarily "racing" each other, but the movement of the 2 dinosaurs in motion with trees.


*Edit* Raptor has begun test runs.


Flying coaster nearly complete.


Isla Nora's beautiful waterfall. One of several throughout the island


Raptor testing.


Can you spot the train?


B&M's 'wing rider' concept.


Raptor is now testing all 3 trains.


Raptor and station area.

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Phase-2 construction.


Another amazing waterfall (one of several throughout the island).


Southeast end of the island (Phase-2 area).


another amazing waterfall area.


Gallimimus exhibit.


Dilophosaurus coaster & exhibit area. These 2 high-speed dueling roller coasters are sure to challenge your senses with many surprises.


another high-speed thrill ride.


finishing touches on Phase-1 area.


Raptor finishing its test runs. About ready to open with the Phase-1 area of the park.

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Work on Phase-2 has been a bit slow, but progressing.


Pase-2 area (West end of island).


Unnamed B&M Flying coaster.


T-Rex. An Intamin coaster cross between I-Speed and Maverick....well, sort-of (without inversions).



Raptor: B&M Wing-rider. Could this have a water brake feature? Hmmm...


Brachisaurus coaster(s). Two different style coasters. They are designed to represent the movement of the dinosaur. It is a racing-coaster style.

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