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What coaster do you love that everyone else hates?

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For me, the choice here is really easy. Millennium Force. So many people are distracted by the lack of airtime, but when I look at the positives of the ride...


-One of the best first drops in the world

-Best train design I've ever seen

-In the 99th percentile for top speed in the world

-Long track and long ride

-Amazing night rides, amazing setting

-Fun theme and energy surrounding the ride while waiting



Yeah, it's my number one steel.

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^ I didn't know CGA had roar, lol. I think you might mean Grizzly.


Thats what i meant, muscle relaxers go to the brain and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I also have to add revolution, but i also live in a house with women and they call it the boob-masher.

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My List:


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (USF)

Scream (SFMM)

Viper (SFMM)

Gwazi before the new trains (BGT)


I wouldn't say "hate," but I find it shocking that a lot of people dislike Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. I really like the ride. Yeah, it can get kind of shaky at some points, but it is far from the worse. And when it is smooth, it gives awesome airtime.


Scream was also fun when I visited SFMM, but my only complaint is the parking lot underneath it. Otherwise, it is a great ride. Viper was awesome too.


I also liked Gwazi before the trains (though the new trains are an improvement).

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I have to second Viper at Great Adventure. I remember walking into it thinking about all the online posts/reviews that talked about how it was one of the worst rides on the planet, but it wasn't bad at all. I would've ridden again if I had the chance.

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- Dark Knight at SFGAdv

- Skull Mountain at SFGAdv

- Kingda Ka at SFGAdv (I don't know about hate but a lot of people dislike it's short layout)

- The Incredible Hulk at IOA (I hear a ton of negativity about this, but its in my top 5 steel coasters)


That pretty much wraps up all of the major ones. There are a ton of smaller Pinfari, Arrow, and some companys I have not heard of coasters that I went on all the time before I started getting on bigger coasters. Everyone classifies these as rough, painful, and boring but I dont find any coasters rough out of all that I have been on (minus Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv and Wildcat at Hershey)

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Carolina Cyclone. Ride It this year In the second-to-last row on the train that has purple on top. It doesn't matter left or right, the trains got a refurb over the off season and that means EJECTOR on the first drop and the second hill, No more whiplash in the double loops, and in the famous Arrow double corkscrew entrance I never hit my head on the OTSR'S! (well I did ONCE in the entrance to the helix but thats it.)

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^^^ Incredible Hulk is not "hated" by everyone else. It's a fun ride that some people may or may not enjoy as much as other coasters, but I've never anyone hate the ride (It was rated 39th best steel in the world by the Mitch Hawker Poll in 09').


As for me, I'd say Silver Bullet. It's not hated, but it's often one of the lowest rated B&M inverts , but I think it's actually a fun, exciting little coaster (and the last helix and short wait time also make it worth a ride).

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Deju Vu @ SFMM I haven't ridden it since Termination Day in 2009... I miss it terribly but it hasn't been operating any day I've been since 2009. Hopefully this summer Deja Vu, I miss you...

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