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Photo TR: Robb Goes to Grona Lund!

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So I'm sure by now you guys have checked out the Twister filming report. I had a load of other photos that I took from my travels over to Stockholm, some pics I didn't use from that shoot, and a few that I took from the media event. Here goes...


My trip started off at LAX. My god I hate that airport. Worst place in the world to have to fly out of. Here is the seething mass of people or "gate lice" all trying to crowd the gate. Guys, just wait for your zone number to be called...


My flight over featured all kinds of cool movies...my favorite of them being Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.


Yay! I made it to Stockholm!


Once we arrived, we made a quick stop at the park the night before the film shoot...


The goal here was to spend some time looking at the Timberliner trains to get an idea of where to mount the cameras.


There were already people waiting in line to ride...but we asked them to get off the handrails as they weren't designed to support their weight.


We took a quick peek into the parks newly renovated ghost train. Looks cool so far.


Should be very fun once it's all ready to roll.


Some cool effects...we won't post any more pics of the inside of the ride so it doesn't ruin anything for those of you who ride this weekend! =)


Grona Lund is famous for building rides on top of each other.


Twister's switch track. When this track section is switched to the right, you get to go to Hadrosaur Cove!


Twister, the Wild Mouse and Jetline.... yup!


Still need to get this credit.... next year! =)


"Can we please use these neck straps on our TPR members?"


Crews working on getting the dragon animatronic in place for the Ghost Train.


Hooray! TPR Film shoot day! It went awesome. Watch the video...


When in Sweden.... have Swedish Meatballs!


Twister opens May 7th. Go ride it. It's awesome.


Even though I spent many years working in theme parks and wandering around parks when they are closed, for some reason this never gets old to me. It's just really cool, and kind of creepy at the same time. And knowing that in just a few days this area will look radically different with thousands of people walking around is just kind of cool...


I love hanging around Europe. Everything has such a different "feel" than it does in the US. I'm sure the Europeans say the same thing when they come over to the States....actually.... nah, I'm sure they don't! =)


Some sort of chicken, or turkey, or some animal that used to go "cluck cluck blaaaaahhhhh!" but is now dead and going into my stomach. Yum!


The cool little Twister flash drives the park gave out to the media. We made up 100 of these for the guests and they were very popular! And having them made out of wood was a great little touch!


I can only think of Blackpool's Wild Mouse as the only other coaster in the world with such an awesome lift hill head chopper!


This is the only picture that I have from the press day once the event started! We were too busy working as the video production crew for photos....but there is loads of video out there on the interwebz now....


For those of you who wanted to more pics of the Timberliner trains, here you go...


This is a train. You sit in it. They were very comfortable.


You put your butt in here. You pull the bar across your lap. It was comfortable and I'm kind of a bigger dude. If you don't fit, I highly recommend the treadmill. Don't blame the trains for your fat ass.


Another shot of where you're butt goes since we have a lot of people with seat cushion fetishes on this site.


The front of the train. It looks cool. I like it. There, I said it. The light will work eventually.


Wheels and stuff. It makes the train roll. Did I mention that they track REALLY well?


Would you like another shot of the seats? I'm sure you do. This is like porn for some people....


More rolly polly stuff....


There it is...the full Timberliner Train. I thought they were cool....


These are my "Hi, I'm a dork pictures...."


There are a few TPR hater people in the world that would like to see the train run me over. All I can say to those people (and you know who you are) "I'm here and you're not... SO THERE!!!" :p


Hanno owns his own florist company? Cool....


We ate at this "Dave Approved" place...


Apparently, "Paul" is the big shark, and he eats nothing but burgers and fries...he must be American! =)


We walked back over to the park while some of our video was rendering...still doing work to prepare the park for Saturday's opening.


The dragon is up!


Ghost Train sign is ready to get installed.


Entrance to Twister nearly done...very classy...


Queue poles are going in...


Yup, you can touch the ride from the queue!


Water dummy burial ground.


From the queue, you're nearly completely covered by the ride! So awesome...


Finishing touches on the station.


Used for reach envelope testing. If you know what that is...cool...if not...there's another photo below this one...


Crazy track work...


Getting the walkway to the entrance of the ride completed.


Let's not forget about the awesome Intamin rides they have here!


Ever wonder what it looked like UNDER an Intamin drop tower? Now you know. Check that one off your bucket list.


Ahhh...Insane...amazing ride! This will be better than Green Lantern...simply due to the amazing view of Stockholm!!!


Gotta love Swedish Mexican food! =)


And we'll end this update with some of my favorite photos of Twister...this one is just simply crazy!


Thank you Twins! You made the weekend even warmer! =)


Do you see what I see? (Post if you do!)


And once again, any park that proudly displays naked boobs in the park, is one of the top parks in the world on my list!


Thank you again Grona Lund!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

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I can already see differences in those Timerliners than the ones HW has, which is good actually!!!


I'm really surprised how good this thing looks despite it's size! They really crammed that in there, and the track switch looks like a transformer. I approve.

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Sounds like you enjoyed your Trip to Sweden. Thanks to let us follow you a bit and thank you for the great media (Video AND Photos)!


I´m so sad I had to work and didn´t make it to Sweden. Are you home again? If not have a good remaining time there and a good flight home!

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Thank you for coming here! is so happy and grateful for the advertising you do for Sweden and Gröna Lund, means a lot for us.Your images and movies are always a pleasure to watch, with a large sense of humor.Come back soon, as it is a bit warmer outside! /Thomas

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The more I see of this ride, the more I like it. That entrance looks beautiful! And while I wasn't crazy about the look of the trains at first, I'm definitely warming up to them. Quite a bit. Especially hearing about how comfortable they are.


And that shot of that "snake pile" of wooden track...

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