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Room 101


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I don't know whether there is a tv version of this anywhere other than Britain, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with the idea anyway...

Room 101 is the place where things can be hidden away, things you do not wish to exist any longer. If you could remove five things from your life and send them into room 101, what would they be?



1) Clingfilm (believe it's called Seran-wrap (sp?) in the US. I just hate it. It does the same thing foil does except it gets itself all tangled up and stuck where you don't want it, plus I'm forever cutting myself on the little teeth you're suppose to use to sever it


2) People who walk at a snail's pace without leaving room for you to pass


3) Jammster adverts and similar


4) Interludes on CDs. Why do perfectly decent artists feel the need to do this? Newsflash: EVERYBODY SKIPS THEM!!


5) Tinned tuna: looks foul, smells foul (and the smell hangs around for ages)... and just generally looks like something I would feed to my dog.


What about you guys? Don't say racism/homophobia/terrorists, I'm gonna assume that nobody here wants that so there's no need to add it.

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1. Jammster Ads would be one of mine as well, they are the most annoying things ANYWHERE!


2. Stupid people *cough* Tom Cruise *cough*


3. People who leave their buggies out in the middle of the Wal-mart parking lot without returning them to the cart holds.


4. People who use the word "Guesstimate"


5. Chicken livers


And Louise I thought this was a great idea!!!

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1. The commercial where the wierdo creature lifts up a foul, infected toenail and goes underneath it. Bleack!!


2. High fructose corn syrup


3. All of the spam that tells me that my account at their bank has been corrupted, despite the fact that I've never banked there, or the ones that want to sell me a fake Rolex or, ahem, enhancement products.

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Junk mail (both old fashioned and spam). CapitalOne has bugged me numerous times to sign up for one of their credit cards. During my first year in college, they even bugged me over the phone (this was before the Do-not-call registry). Now they bomb me several times a week with junk mail. I've never had an account with them, and I don't ever want to. What's in YOUR mailbox?

As for spam, the sad part is that the spammers profit at the expense of others.


Other types of advertising can be annoying. There's a local car dealership that advertises on the radio a lot, and their commercials are ALL annoying. If I ever need to buy a car, I won't be doing it from them.

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