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Dania Beach Hurricane Declares Bankruptcy

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Well, I don't think that Boomers really does have any problems with giant eye sores or lawn ornaments as they've had several areas dormant or growing weeds.


Hopefully this gets sorted though, cause that was definitely a great ride.

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Yeah, 'tis a real shame right enough.


How many SBNO woodies does that leave us with now? I can think of five from memory; DBH, OzCat, MegaZeph, Screechin' Eagle, and Son of Beast -- though the latter can stay SBNO forever as far as I'm concerned...

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Why dosen't this get relocated to Fun Spot Orlando? They're doing an expansion and just surveyed their guests about bringing in new rides and attractions and they said they wanted Roller Coasters, so why not bring the woodie there? It'd be perfect!

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That's too bad, it was a good ride. Back when I ranked coasters consistently, it was in my top 30% overall, and top 50% for wooden coasters, so it was a solid ride, if not a particular favorite of mine. It's also the only decent coaster on that end of the state, which makes the loss even suckier. I hope Boomers would at least consider buying it at a bargain price, rather than just demolishing it (or letting it rot), as I doubt it's likely to be relocated (From what I understand, relocated wooden coasters have to be mostly rebuilt from scratch, minus the non-structural components).

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I'll miss this little coaster!


This is a bummer; always hate to lose a woodie (no pun intended). But I am grateful we are now living in a time when a 100-foot-tall coaster can be called "little" and "midsized."


Looks like it's on pretty flat terrain, which would make it a bit easier to move? So maybe?

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^Yeah, but when you've already got a highly rated woodie also on flat ground that's been sitting SBNO for years over in Missouri I don't think there's a big market for these things.


Again, we can all hope, but we should also be prepared that there's a good chance this will not run again.

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Where's Prince Desmond when we need him? I bought his coasters. I believed in him!

Hey don't knock Desmond! He's still actively trying to restore an OHIO LEGEND!!!


Some decade old Florida coaster's got NOTHIN' on the Ohio Big Dipper! C'mon!

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On my 16th Birthday I headed down to Boomers Just to see the Dania Beach Hurricane!


I really enjoyed DBH! It had some great Airtime! Unlike Loren, I found that it really did keep the speed.



There is a Train Sitting under the Station....uh yeah....If I was able to I would have taken home some Coaster Parts

We attempted to play mini golf.....Out of the 5 Golf Courses only 2 were playable, and were in so much disrepair

It was kinda a dump

We had 2 operators, one was on their Cell Phone the whole time talking in depth about her sex life(I swear I'm not making this up)

I wanted to buy a T-shirt.....which they had hanging.....but apparently they hadn't had them in stock for years. So a bit of a bummer.


Oh and Surprise....the on-ride camera wasn't working


Other than that great day! I rode 16 times in a row to celebrate my birthday!


I took a few pics....Enjoy!



Welcome to the Boomers, The Only reason to go here is for DBH!


Another Angle, I believe I took these pictures inside as I was waiting for the rain to clear up.


Ticket Booths! This area was pretty nice, compared to the Crap Hole that Boomers was.


Ticket Prices....A bit steep, but worth it for the Credit!


I really wanted a Shirt....but they hadn't had them in stock for years.

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Dammit - never got to ride this one. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Thinking back to my last trip to Florida - I really should have skipped my day at overpriced Universal/IOA (with all of its broken down rides); I should have taken a little road trip instead. Guess I no longer have any reason to visit Miami now.

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I loved this ride. It had some seriously good pops of airtime.


So does this leave southern Florida coasterless? How can that be...?


How can you forget Uncle Bernie's????


Seriously though, I'm really optimistic Dania Beach Hurricane will run again, because it really is an amazing coaster unlike those others people have been trying to save.

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