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Dania Beach Hurricane Declares Bankruptcy

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I am a middles school teacher and I created an elective called Theme Park Engineering. We go to Boomers! park at the end of each year to ride the Hurricane and take G-force readings. Well I called today and the lady on the phone said the Hurricane owner filed for bankruptcy yesterday (April 26th, 2011). At this point we do not know what will happen, but for now it is closed.

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I've done a quick news scan and found nothing regarding this, so I wouldn't be sure yet... Especially considering the people I've spoken to at the Hurricane were more focused on the music coming from their headphones than they were about operating the ride.


Even if this is true, it is possible that the ride could remain open throughout the process. Or it could just be bought buy Boomers! and then they could move forward with that water park expansion they had talked about a few years ago...

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I looked in the news as well, and it has not surfaced yet. However, the lady I spoke with at Boomers! to sell me the package for the kids field trip, which includes rides on the Hurricane, said that they would substitute unlimited go-cart rides for the roller coaster part of the package. She reported that the owner of the Hurricane declared bankruptcy and that there was not going to be any more roller coaster rides.


Who knows what the future will bring? But for now, it is not operating.

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Its always kinda sad that a good ride suffers from bad management.

I wouldn't be so quick to judgement in this case. Honestly, considering the ride's location, it's an outright miracle it's survived as long as it has....AND in the exceptional condition it has. I'm willing to bet this wasn't brought on by lack of "good" management.

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Well, it's official....



Dania Beach wooden roller coaster shuts down




The wooden roller-coaster in Dania Beach visible from the Interstate-95 since its opening 11 years ago has closed, according to Boomers, the entertainment company that shared the property with the ride.


The click-clack of the Hurricane Roller Coaster stopped Tuesday after business hours, said Joe Tortorella, the general manager at Boomers in Dania Beach. He said owners informed him “a couple of days” earlier about plans to halt operations of what was billed as the tallest wooden coaster in Florida.


The up-and-down ride to a 100-foot peak is sure to be missed by some visitors including couple Richie Kearns, 40, and Sherry Blais, 39, who were married there on Valentine’s Day this year in the fifth wedding on the ride since its debut, according to coaster managers.


Still, Tortorella said he did not expect the coaster’s shutdown to hurt business at Boomers, which operates an indoor arcade and 12 rides of its own.

“We were here first,” Tortorella said, “and they were an add-on later.”


Will you miss the wooden coaster? Please let us know.


Here's a POV of the ride...


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I'll miss this little coaster! Plus, riding that was the first time I met Robb.

Awww, it's true! We can share a special moment together. Hey... I have an idea! Maybe we can both be there when it gets demolished!!!

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