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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^ I skipped my morning class today. I didn't feel like going through an extremely long hour of public speaking lecture where the teacher (whos really nice) just droans on and on.


Anyway, something I rarely and probably never done was snap at one of my friends. My friend Steve and I were playing Halo 2 in our friends Josh and Corys room and we were having a good time. Then a bit of the group came into the room and sat down and my friend Jim sat next to me while Steve and I were still playing. Now I started out pretty well but then Steve start whooping my a** and then Jim kept saying, "he was right in front of you!" to me when steves character was not. So I told him to shut up. Then I finally snapped and told him to F*** off and F*** this and walked out of the room. I heard the group say, "what was that?" What that was was me getting really annoyed at the guys critiqing how I play and making comments that were not helping me play any better.

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^Wait, wait wait...that was fast wasn't it!??!


Elissa "sorry" Alvey


I know, but I got scared of the future that I might not love him anymore. I'm new to the dating scene so I can't sort my feelings out and I wasn't be opening to him. I didn't want to hurt him in the long run and such. I'm like an emotional wreak but I don't express it because I don't want a negative response from people when I tell them. I just keep my feelings inside and I learned to do that because of the school atmosphere I grew up in through Public School. I feel terrible for breaking up with him and I still do, and I love him as a friend, but I just got overwhelmed and I need to figure out what I want and such. I'm just a bit emotional mess right now and I've been like this since last night when we had this huge discussion (and I couldn't sleep well either because of my feelings) and I probably won't feel any significantly better until maybe tomorrow or the next day.

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I need a job! I applied at Target and Starbucks...but neither called back =( I don't wanna go to school tomorrow, the idea of 3,000 annoying kids dressed the same way hurts my head :? I will probablly have to go to bed soon, not to sleep however (why I said bed and not sleep) I will probablly stay up until like 1-1:30 watching Family Guy and Futurama. less than 2 weeks till SFGAm opens for the 2005 season! I wonder if I get a full 2 hours on Radio this saturday. I get to go DDR after school today! YAY! I wonder whats on TV...Lets play turn on WinTV and find out!...OOH Drew Carrey, nothing better than a funny sitcom at midnight. my head is a scarry place huh? I think thats all.

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