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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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A year ago, Cadillac invited me to drive various models from BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, and Cadillac all over the airstrip at El Toro. We got wined and appetized, then filled out a survey and took home a very nice leather CD case as a gift for participating.


That was fun.



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Meh, I figure we're safe. Robb and Elissa pretty much let us get away with anything here, but I figure they'd have to draw the line at picture of Wally's ass.


Stitch can say it with me: PG-13!!!!


Plus of course they'd be sued for emotional distress.

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^ I would post no bad pictures there, be sure. However, maybe it could be a froum where you can post your bikini pictures?


--Sören "Bad German Guy" Schomburg


Why would you want to see photos of me in my bikini when you can see it for real in just a few short months?! Nah, then people really WOULD be sueing R&E for emotional trauma!


I am SO scared by the number of cameras that might be around if we make it to a pool... :shock:

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