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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Lots of food stuff for February!...


National Hot Breakfast Month


Canned Food Month


National Cherry Month


National Snack Food Month


Great American Pies Month


National Grapefruit Month


National Potato Lovers Month


National Hot Breakfast Month


Fourth Thursday of the Month – National Chili Day (27th)

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I sort of, just realized, that the rest of my/our traveling years are

(probably) going to be spent, going to Disney Parks and Resorts...


2022 - Disney Paris (Our 50th Anniversay Year!)

2023 - Nuthin' at this time.

2024 - WDW - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom ONLY.

2025 - Disney Tokyo

2026 - Back to Paris?


Not that there's anything wrong with this realization, heh.

(And I'll be 69 and David will be 75, when 2022 rolls around.)


Things that make you go.... "What's Your Fave Disney park!"


TDL ~ 2013 ~ See ya in 2025, Mickey!

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Who'd have thought - that today would have the shortest Birthday List on TPR, LOL!




Congratulations to: shutyertrap (48), smiley72 (48), austinjax (36), jadenikki (32), Insanity (24), Victoriole (24)

Hope everybody had a great day, today!


With a B-Day Doritos Cake? --- Win.

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For the past couple months, I've been giving a coworker with massive car troubles a ride home from work. Tonight, as I was dropping him off, I saw 5 deer in his neighbor's driveway.


It's a sign! Of something good for your good deed, helping your co-worker.

Something to do with the Number '5'. Just saying.

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it's an f-ing avalanche, now! no event is untouchable, no sporting event exempt.

what will north america ever ever do, now? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc.

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At this time in my life, I'm really really sure, that what I really really want...


...is my very very own, in-the-backyard, Personal Tagada!


With a few friends. Then, we'd all be dumped into the hot tub! (o:

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