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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Am I the only one getting more ads on this sight than usual? I'm concerned my computer might have a virus.

No, I'm also getting more ads and I do not have a virus on my pc, so I think it's normal.


Well at least I know it's not a virus. Big relief.

Robb made a thread where he discusses how he's putting more ads on the site since it's getting less traffic than it has in the past.

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I'm loving the BOUNCINESS of all these ads vying for our attention!


Really, it's like a bit of a pinball game, the way they want to be SEEN!


That's all I got.


And right now --- no side bars on either side!

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New animated 3D movie opening next March, and I couldn't post it in just the movies thread.


See this new trailer - we saw it in 3D, with Ralph 2.0 this afternoon... (movie was great btw)....



The trailer's really something. So I am very much looking forward to it's release...... in March.


Woo Woo!

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