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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Just got back from the Rays vs the SF Giants. We lost 5/1. I have never experienced a game like tonight. The unity and love and tears were so incredible. 40 thousand freakin sold out crowd. And all was donated to the victims of Pulse. I have never ever seen anything like tonight. Maybe ,just maybe, there is hope for humanity. I took pictures of tonight and hope they came out good enough to post tomorrow. So amazing how much our local LGBT community pitches in.

Well, looks like Busch Gardens Tampa will have to rename SheiKra "GiantKra".

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I appear to be a most-fragile thing,

The coveted prize of any great king;

And still there’s little that can break me,

All that pressure but serves to make me;

The weight of the world upon me lies,

Buried in dark, far from men’s eyes,

My old self nothing but blackest coal,

Yet here to remain, be not the goal.

Worthy am I of the toil in finding,

The symbol of love made true and binding.

When I am pulled from the belly of night,

None can equal my reflection of light.

Steel bars I can cut,

Jail doors stay not shut,

For I was made,

To prove love’s greatest might.


What am I?

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