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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I never thought my knowledge of roller coasters could help me in any way...


But here I am, struggling to understand induction motors for my physics paper on Nikola Tesla, and suddenly, I remember LIMs, realize how they work, think of it in a circle instead of a straight line, and boom! Eureka!

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^Happy one-day-late birthday!


Look what I found the other day!


I got it at a local thrift shop for $6.50. I saw it stood up on the table before I even walked in the door. It's pretty big, hardcover, and full-color. I love it even though it's several years outdated.


This town is probably the last place I would have expected to find something like this. Could there be someone else like me up here?

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I'm pretty sure I just learned today that sometimes clothing pockets are sewn shut by the manufacturer.


I knew it's recommended for consumers to remove pockets on some items so they drape better, but not this.


This raises questions about items I've had in the past that had what I'd assumed were false pockets.

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Just applied for a new position at my work that would be a $40k per year raise (if I get it).


Of course, the position calls for 60% travel ... but then I start thinking about all the miles I can get for trips (my company actually let's us keep our miles instead of using them for corporate travel).


That is an awesome raise!


Do you know of many firms that keep the miles for themselves? I know of one big company that does that. I thought most companies let their road warriors keep their miles as a reward for how hard being on the road can be. Everyone I know that works in consulting gets to keep their miles/rewards.

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