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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I just sent a PM to someone about sending them something in the mail. It's something that will help provide a good time for all involved and save a bit of money as well.


In other news, I just noticed that my keyboard needs cleaning.



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This is a nice band from holland,

In the audience was chaos...

and they singing:


you get no real friends

and buy one makes your world small

earn your real friends to be one..








and check this out:





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Well, my grandfather's funeral was today. He died from cardiac arrest last Saturday at The Cedars assisted living facility here in Monroeville. The nurses at The Cedars and Forbes Hospital tried to restart his heart, but to no avail. It didn't come as a complete surprise, his health had been failing for quite some time, but it was still a shock. It's funny, he always hoped and prayed that when his time came he would just drop dead, without any pain. I guess God, in his infinite mercy, honored his request. His suffering is over; he's with God now.


RIP granddaddy, I'll miss you.

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I have finally been on a roller coaster officially named "Roller Coaster".




Random mistakes I realize I have made:

--Calling Banana Split (Gilroy Gardens) "Banana Boat"

--Calling all GIBs "Deja Vus" instead of "GIBs" (the true generic name...err, abbreviation)

--Calling SDC Hurricanes "Windstorms"




The end.

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^ There's a large statue of a Hummel Boy next to the Hummel store in BGW. After you cross the bridge under Alpengeist and make a left, make a right through the castle-thingy and the store+statue is straight ahead.


Hummel is a German collectable figurine producer. Most Hummel figurines depict schoolchildren/religious scenes, although my mom has a few Hummel birds. I should know this because my mom was obsessed with collecting these at one point.


Some links...



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