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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I was up at Keystone Resort yesterday and I was thinking about the ski industry and how chairlifts have progressed from two seaters to four across and now the new lifts are often six people across and it occurred to me, could we ever see a B&M with 6 across? Forces are exemplified on the out seats on the current trains so I don't know if adding one to each side would work (this is speaking about a typical invert or sit down looper) due to the intensified forces. But I could see it happening on a hyper coaster with the old body style of seating. What do you think, do you think any park would ever been interested in increasing through put that much?

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^I know that it has been done on the DM's, but wouldn't it be cool to have 6 abreast on a hyper? I think too you could have a cross between the two generations of hyper train, with a subtle "\/" shape.


Oblivion and Diving Machine, the first two DM's are 8 abreast. SheiKra is the only new DM that features less than 10.

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So how about they take the LSM's off of Maverick and slap them on a Drop Tower? I mean how sick would that be, it would be able to compete more with the ever popular S&S towers and still be a true drop tower. I don't know how effective the LSM's would be on launching vertically but if they ran 3/4 of the way up the tower, you would get launched up and get some extreme airtime on top and then still stop with the normal magnetic pull.


This thread to me is titled "Say your random ride ideas". I think there is actually a thread like that out there on this site, or one like it at least.

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Two of my good friends were killed in a terrible car accident early this morning. Chase was our school's 1st-string quarterback and Kalyn was the point-guard on the girls varsity basketball team.


I can't even imagine how school is going to be tomorrow. I just can't believe they are gone...

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