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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I spent the night at my cousin's house last night and at the last minute as it was getting dark we decided we wanted to sleep in a tent in the backyard so in the rain we set up this huge 2 room tent. We were in there for a while playing cards and stuff(we ran an extension cord out and had a lamp in the tent(smart with rain)), and out of nowhere the poles slid and the spikes came out of the ground and the whole tent rolled on it's side, leaving us in this airbubble of tent fabric. The bubble began getting smaller and smaller and to get to the door we'd have to climb under layers of wet tent fabric. The tent was really old, so we were going to get rid of it after last night anyways, and luckily we had scissors because we needed to tape up holes, so I grabbed the scissors and slit the piece of fabric that was coming down on us, and we ripped it over our heads, and just looked around and began laughing histerically, it was raining, one in the morning, and we were just sitting on the ground in her backyard. It was hilarious.

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