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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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t3h GS history:


Teh American Revolution was won by teh colonies. They pwned the British. The British had shiny weapons and all, but the Americans had the gameplay. Gameplay>graphics. lololololololzzzzz -two400




The earli n3wbs werent l33t so they h*x033ed in2 apes who were t3h ownage at fruit picin, they had bad graphix lyk 4/10 but gr8 gamplay, eventually t3h al1n hax0r5 land3d on t3h earth server and evolved every1 in2 t3h humans wich were quite the gears of war, they were t3h p00ners at graphix and t3h gameplay. 0wnage all wyldlyfe. -alex1889

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I am an eggshell with a brain of a yolk. You don't know what that means, and I don't either. This is why the world turns around on its axis, and spins the other way. My dog eats round hot air bubbles with shades of gray intervenously masking themselves onto the grass.

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