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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Absolutely True Conversation From Work Today:


Vicki (a co-worker): Oh, who brought the bucket of candy?

Me: Mel brought them in.

V: Why's she bringing candy?

M: She brings it in for her son's annual Al-Queda fund raiser every year. It only costs 75 cents apiece.

V: Are you serious?

M: (raising my eyebrows at her) Does it look like I'm serious Vicki?

V: Oh! So how much DOES the candy cost?


Again, absolutely true.

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everyday life's just 404 so i wanna blow off steams in the parks

then i'm gonna keep ridin' on a coaster in a row! fuji q's mine fav

park and there's got fujiyama what i love!


fujiyama - we'd gotta be full of perfection!

dodonpa - umm.....kinda more painful than hypersonic XLC!

hamster coaster - weeee.....oh my kiddie goodness!

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