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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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V2-dude [10:36pm]: I wonder if my bunny is done cooking...

XLRBR [10:36pm]: the foamy-greeny-aqua-mariney is sexy

XLRBR [10:38pm]: *this

V2-dude [10:38pm]: The buuny's still alive.

XLRBR [10:39pm]: ^still evil

XLRBR [10:39pm]: lol

V2-dude [10:39pm]: This sledge-hammer should do the trick.

V2-dude [10:39pm]: *WHACK*

XLRBR [10:39pm]: AGH!

V2-dude [10:40pm]: OH NO!!!, BLOOD!!!

XLRBR [10:40pm]: *cry*

XLRBR [10:40pm]: *faint*

XLRBR [10:40pm]: too much blood makes me kinda quesy

V2-dude [10:41pm]: It's still moving...

XLRBR [10:41pm]: now Imma blow chunks

XLRBR [10:41pm]: excuse me

XLRBR [10:41pm]: lol

V2-dude [10:42pm]: "Little bunny, since you are in so much pain, I have a treat for you"

XLRBR [10:42pm]: hey wait where is everyone?

System Msg: Loser_nerd has joined ThemeParkReview on Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:42 pm

V2-dude [10:42pm]: "It's called an "SLC""

V2-dude [10:42pm]: It died.

XLRBR [10:43pm]: lmao

XLRBR [10:43pm]: not the death the SLC lol

V2-dude [10:43pm]: Bunny tastes good.

V2-dude [10:44pm]: MAMMA!!!!

XLRBR [10:44pm]: still the only two talking...and ur just makin' fun of now aren't you?

XLRBR [10:44pm]: what?


Blazen_AZN [10:44pm]: don't eat the bunny!

V2-dude [10:45pm]: should we post this in the random thread?

System Msg: coaster1 has joined ThemeParkReview on Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:45 pm

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