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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Well, wouldn't ya know it? Bandwidth exceeded again! Heh heh heh. Ah well....


~ ~ ~ ~


Wanted to make this my last post of the year, just before I tripped into the four digit counter. And since this is a Random, Random, Random thread...


Wanted to wish any and all of who who inhabit this cyber-world called TPR, a very Happy Holiday Season and an equally joyous Happy New Year. The really great thing is, this site has proved to not just be a thru-way of ideas, opinions, chat and visuals. But connections, sharing, discovering, and ultimately, bonding with a lot of interesting (and sometimes rodent-obsessed) bunch of people.


So, I send my best to all of you - and only wish The Best For All, and that everybody really REALLY get "that ride of a lifetime" in the coming year/seasons.


Photo attached is one one of my faves - a beautiful winter 04/05 shot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris. Thankyou CliquesMagique. And in the foreground, a reminder of how a lot of great things and ideas start out. With a pen or pencil, and a single sheet of paper.


Even roller coasters can still start out that way, lol.


Cheers, all!


Bill / Nrthwnd


This is the way a Disney castle should be 'dressed' for the holidays. Sparkling and bejeweled. Happy Solstice!

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