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Stratosphere's Sky Jump POV

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Hey everyone! Take a quick look at the video below. A first look at the new wrist cams guests now use to film a personal POV of their jump at the Stratosphere's Sky Jump. I will be posting another video soon from my Easter Sunday night jump.


Edit: Take a look below, you can see the new video compared to the old one. The new video is 100% better!! Gotta love this great idea because your video can be totally personalized. The fear in some people captured is amazing!



My First Wrist Cam Jump (New Camera)



Here is a video from a couple of months ago. (Old Camera)



Easter Sunday Jump!


First some facts about the Stratosphere Las Vegas and SkyJump for those of you who don't know about it.


The Stratosphere Tower stands 1,149ft tall and hosts the world's highest thrill rides (Big Shot, X-Scream & Insanity), and formerly the world's highest roller coaster (High Roller).


The Stratosphere Tower opened in April of 1996 and SkyJump (The World's Highest Commercial Decelerator), was awarded the Guinness World Record when it opened on April 20, 2010, 14 years after the tower opened. Great idea no?


So here is the process.


You should make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance as the attraction is extremely popular! Visit the website SkyJump Las Vegas for more info.


You must visit the SkyJump Store to check in prior to suiting up. Don't go up into the tower because everything is done at ground level, but if you want to check it out be sure to head up and check out what the tower has to offer! You then check in and sign the waiver. They call your name and you put any loose articles in the lockers they provide. If you wear glasses they provide straps which I believe is a nice touch! They then get you into your jump suit and they harness you up. After you get checked twice on ground level they then attach your wrist cam and safety strap. And last but not least you step on a scale so they know how to set the decelerator based on your weight.


If your party is just observing can wait for you to come down on the landing platform.


They then take you up in the elevator, they travel at 21mph or 3 floors a second. You will be upstairs in about 37 seconds if its a non-stop trip. You exit on the 108th floor (855ft) and walk over to the jump room. Once inside 2 JumpMasters double check your harness, snap a few souvenir photos and walk out to the platform. You are then connected to the cable given a countdown and you simply step off the building. 17 seconds later your feet are back on the ground! If you are afraid of heights I recommend this as possibly being a way to conquer your fear! If you come out to Vegas be sure to check out SkyJump!!!


Included in the video is a shout out to Robb, Elissa, KidTums, TPR and Club TPR!


Hope you guys enjoyed the POV!

I'll post some photos soon!

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Has anyone else here taken the jump? Or even taken the Sky Jump in New Zealand?


I've seen people do the jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland and it looks terrifying! (Mainly just the stepping over the edge part!) Will have to suck it up and give it a go sometime.

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The new Wrist Cam DVD is $35 on top of the normal jump price.

The camera weighs about an extra 5lbs with all the extra equipment to keep it safe.

And yes they do weigh you with the camera for accurate weight.

Honestly the most terrifying part


Here's the pricing:

$99.99 per jump


Package 1: $124.99 (Jump + DVD)

Package 2: $139.99 (Jump + DVD + Photos)

Package 3: $140.99 (Jump + DVD + Photos + T-Shirt)


Hope this info helps!!!

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Check out below! Here is a video of their old camera that followed you down. It was cool to see, just too bad there is no audio. The new videos are fantastic! Very Clear, audio, and can be personalized!



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Just Sky Jumped this passed weekend (during the day) in Vegas....it was incredible... a great rush. The worst part was standing out on the ledge as they did their final hook ups. The views were amazing. I did have the wrist cam connected and I had wished I had controlled it more...I said something to it after I stepped off but then enjoyed the view so their isn't a lot of interesting footage after that. Next time I would like to try it at night as well. I would highly recommend it.

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