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Euthanasia Coaster

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Wow. Not only is this project just horrible, but doesn't a death due to extreme positave G forces sound like a very painful way to die, if not an uncomfortable one?


They might as well have the ride stop while its upside down 200 feet off the ground, and open the restraints or something.

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We didn't even get to guess the new ride, how are we supposed to get excited about it. In the end they will over hype the ride experience and you won't actually die. It will bring you near death and then just not deliver. In case it does actually deliver as advertised, I suggest getting the other credits first.

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The f#@%??? This is so messed up.


Now what happens when you're halfway up the hill and you decide you don't want to ride anymore, then you're really screwed. I'll pass on this credit.


Also, why the clothoid loops? If you're going to die anyway g-force shouldn't be a concern.

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  • 3 years later...

I found an interesting story about someone that actually designed a coaster with one thing in mind......to kill you. He calls it the Euthanasia Coaster.


Here is the actual story...



Death is terrifying, so why not make it exhilarating instead? That’s the purpose of the “Euthanasia Coaster,” a giant big-dipper design aimed at taking its passengers through a series of extreme drops and loops that would create euphoria and then kill them by starving the brain of oxygen.





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^Oh, I see . . . . . .

Quite bizarre, but yes, I guess it would provide a "fun" painless death. But doesn't it a fair bit of time under massive Gs for someone to die? I wonder how long the ride would be.

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^Ive seen this story many times before. I imagine it would depend on how extreme the forces are. If they are unimaginably extreme, I'd assume to could be rather quick. Internal organs could rupture rather quickly, maybe even before you die due to lack of oxygen in the brain. Not a scientist, just thinking out loud.

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I'd heard of this thing a while back. I think it's just a weird concept because I don't know why you'd choose to kill yourself on a roller coaster of all things, but that's just me. Based on these statistics, I doubt that it would ever get built because it would probably be way too expensive.


From Wikipedia.

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