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SoCalCoasters Visits Train Town!

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A new park for you Larry!


I drove up to Northern California yesterday, and am currently in the San Fran Area. Today I visited a theme park I haven't been to in years, and one never before seen on TPR:


Sonoma Train Town


Sadly, the park had changed it's operating scheduel since we had last been, and was now only open from Friday-Sunday.

It was a Thursday


So, we decided to go and make the best of our day and explore Sonoma, and all it had to offer.


TPR must make a stop in Sonoma on the next Cali trip, there's a credit, the food is incredible!


Welcome to Train Town, sorry, you missed us by one day!


This is where cars would normally be...


The Tower and entrance to the park. They were actually testing the trains when we were here, but they were out of sight by the time I pulled out my camera.


The park's Carousel.


The ferris wheel. The park has an amazing atmoshpere, and is fun for the whole family.


This is the train yard, and the tunnel at the very beginning of the ride.


Artsy shot of the tower.


One most shot of the park's atmosphere.


After the failed Train Town visit, we went to Mary's, possibly the best Pizza/Pasta/Sandwhich place on the West Coast! The food was amazing!


They had this combo for like $10, the BEST Ministrone Soup and Pizza EVER!


This was the sandwhich my mom ordered, the fries were amazing!


There also happens to be a California Mission in Sonoma.


After visitng the Mission, we went to the Cheese Factory, and found insanely rich fudge!


Your mouth should be watering by now.


Then we found a chocolate place called The Chocolate Cow, which had this amazing Ice Cream!


Hope you enjoyed my semi TR of Sonoma Train Town!

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