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The Official New Texas Giant Media Day Thread!

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Lets not forget the cost, though. NTAG cost 10 million. That would pay for a lot of a new coaster.

True - but what you compare it to? For example, Carowind's claims that Intimidator cost them $23 Million, CP says that Maverick cost $21 million, and apparently Diamondback cost Kings Island $22 million. Is the overall quality and marketability of NTAG comparable to any of those rides? If it IS, then SFOT got a steal for $10 million!



Not only that, but on a backstage tour of the old Giant a few years back, we were told that SFOT spent $250,000 or more PER YEAR to keep Giant open. Not "in good shape", not "awesome", not even "rideable". Just "open."

Extensive trackwork every off-season, all kinds of maintenance on the trains after parts get shaken loose, etc etc etc....

And for what? So guests could get off the ride and tell all their friends how horrible it was.


The upside of the renovation is that not only are guests lining up in droves at the front gates to try this thing out, not only are those same guests telling their friends that it's the best coaster in the park, but the maintenance costs per year should go down drastically. Increased guest satisfaction and attendance, decreased costs. Not to mention that it frees up a bunch of hours for the maintenance crew to do upkeep on other rides. So yeah, a bit of an expenditure up front, but I'm guessing that SFOT is going to recoup that $10mil in a couple of years or less. For the first time in many years, SFOT is finding itself on the "must-do" list for coaster lovers and industry folks worldwide.

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One could argue that most of that maintenance was using decades old train technology on a huge modern woodie. New Timberliners could have solved that.


And comparing NTG to coasters with MUCH taller hills is definitely going to be skewed. Maverick is comparable, and find it insanely hard to believe it cost $21 Million, unless the launch tracks are ridiculously expensive.


MilF and Dragster were $25, and even Intimidator 305 was reported to cost that, and Maverick was $21? They got hosed on Maverick then. COmparing INtimidator 305 at $25 million to NTG at $10 makes Giant look like less of a deal. And one could argue that SFOT got a hell of a deal so the technology could be proven, and the next conversion will be much pricier for the new park. But comparable to tier woodies: Voyage only cost $6.5, and El TOro was supposed to be $12.


Phantom's Revenge was supposedly about $5 Million when MilF was $25. HOwever, it reused lots of stuff. I was under the impression that the entire control system and lift was new for NTG. Add in the three trains, and that means the track only cost about $6. The more I run the numbers, I have a hard time believing any profit was made on NTG.


Don't get me wrong, NTG is very good now. We'll see how it ages, as I said at media day, the constant bumping the wheels make concerns me.



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We'll see how it ages, as I said at media day, the constant bumping the wheels make concerns me.


It was more noticeable this past weekend, on the turn leading out of the station to the lift hill. Once the trains hit the top of the lift, the bumping was about the same as on media day.

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^ I don't really like the NTAG abbreviation either. I'm a bit more partial to TG2, since the upgrade is only gonna be "new" for a few years.


As for the cost...

Evel Knievel was worth about 7 mil.

Terminator Salvation cost about 10 mil (possibly including theming).

On a somewhat larger scale, Voyage was $8.5 mil.

Ravine Flyer 2 was $6 mil.


So a technically new steel coaster for that price is about equal if not a little more expensive than an average brand new wooden coaster or a small scale, high-thrill steel coaster (Wicked, DDD, Sky Rocket). So is this a good investment that'll pay off in the long run? I'd say yes.


MilF and Dragster were $25


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