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The Official New Texas Giant Media Day Thread!

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Unless you have been living under a rock like those guys in the Geico commercial, you should be well aware that today was the New Texas Giant Media Day Event! And TPR was there to cover it for us all! And is the ride as amazing as it looked in the construction photos??? Check out the photos to see for yourself!!


But before you look at the photos, you HAVE to see this AMAZING Video of the ride!!!!



Today is media day for the New Texas Giant!




Media day means lots of cameras and stuff...


Goodbye riders...


NTAG gets two TPR member thumbs up!


Station theming...


Bye. Bye black train.


New Texas Giant (NTAG) sexy trains!


Blackberry, Advil, and coffee... The three necessities for any production crew!


Sharon Parker of SFOT talking up New Texas Giant on big time TV!


Media day guests included gun slingers...


Mr. Lasso guy was here too.


Cowboys and... Cowgirls?


New Texas Giant SIGN!!! OMG!


Overflow queue set up for opening day!


The heart of NTAG!


New Texas Giant is full of WIN!!!


We grabbed our NTAG bag-o-swag!


My NTAG shirt makes me SEXY!


Yup, we're totally VIPs bitches!


And apparently we are the first to arrive! =)


Hello red train...


Hello blue train...


And hello BAD ASS black train! (This train ran the best during today's event!)


NTAG ride sign.


The station is totally Texan.


...and he's REALLY PISSED OFF!!!


Six Flags Over Texas President, Steve Martindale, opened the ride for us...


He was joined by Six Flags CEO, James Reid-Anderson.


And together with the head of maintenance and Rocky Mountain Coasters they cut the ribbon!


Snip! Well done! =)


There goes the first "official" train!


And lots of explosions...


More NTAG! More airtime!


The drop coming off the midcourse is still sexy!


And the "Magic Carpet" ending is still magical.




More random explosions.




Are we sure we're not at war??!?!


Black train hauling ass!


The first drop is totally insane. The airtime, especially in the back... OMFG!


The overbank turns totally deliver fun...AND I swear you catch some air in them!


The moment after the first drop though is probably my favorite of the whole ride. Watch the video and you'll see why!




If you're too scared to ride, there's a chicken exit...and it actually makes a chicken clucking sound when you go through so everyone in the station knows you chickened out! Clever! ;)


The horn in this car blares every time the train leaves the station.


Yes it is!


Did we mention the first drop is awesome!?


As is all the other moments ducking and diving into the structure? That sure hasn't changed from the old Giant!


And the ride is butter smooth! No question, though, this is a STEEL COASTER!


And with the airtime and the incredibly smooth ride this thing delivers, you can only hope that only has-been woodies get this treatment! (Hello GhostRider!!!!)




Hey, look! They gave us a free onride photo!


Wow, do I really look like that?!!?


Yay! Texas Giant silly bands!


The food they had was like being back at Dollywood.


Then we found out that this was just one ACErs plate!


"Hey kids! Would you like a balloon penguin???"


Check out those sexy Gerstlauer trains!


Plenty of room and VERY comfortable!


And those side shields, I honestly didn't notice them at all throughout the ride.


What does that say on the back?


"Keep your head against the headrest..."


"I'm trying to keep my head against the headrest!!!"


"Do we really have to ride like this?!?!?"




Once again, in case you missed it - First Drop - AMAZING!


Overbanks, Airtime hills, and everything else - Smooth and glass...and AWESOME!!!


The New Texas Giant (or NTAG for short) at Six Flags Over Texas. Ride this NOW! You will not be disappointed. Well worth the wait!!!! (Oh, and watch our POV video too!)

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POV...Wow. Robb, glad to see you had a good time. This apparently has turned out about as good as possible, a big hit for this summer and RMC.


Now for the hard part, Six flags over Texas or Kings Dominion? I was planning a trip to Virginia for I-305 but I would love to ride Texas Giant.

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Gotta wonder if Cedar Fair is just sitting around waiting to hear what everyone says about this? I mean, not like they have 3 woodies that could use this treatment instantly!! (SOB, Mean Streak and Ghostrider). The main question is exactly how much this cost? I think it looks incredible and amazed they didn't try to add a corkscew after seeing that 90+ degree bank turned. Could Rocky Mountain be on it's way to designing their own coasters?

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And those side shields, I honestly didn't notice them at all throughout the ride.


Why exactly are those side shields there anyways? Is it possibly to keep people from hanging their arms over the side of the train?

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Robb was that camera in your pants (trouser cam) or where you just enjoying the ride?


But seriously, is Texas Giant a top ten steel in the Alvey canon?


Can't wait to ride this in almost exactly 3 months. Now lets see what jobs RM might be getting now?

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Up over 36 hours now (probably more, I've lost count!). Grueling two days but worth it to ride NTAG, and 30 times at that!


I've not much to say that the others haven't already stated. I agree with Robb, the Black train really kicked butt this evening and I had three of my best rides on it. The last three rows are the best IMO, but all the seats deliver a great ride. I noticed the right seats were better than the left and I also overheard two other riders come to the same conclusion independent of me. The fog in the tunnels was not working but should be tomorrow. The fire canon still has a few obstacles to overcome and will be up hopefully in a week. I agree with Texcoasters long review, he was spot on.


With having the mindset that NTAG is a new coaster, a steel one at that, I will be in disbelief if anyone comes to the conclusion that NTAG is not a great success for SFOT and all the parties involved in creating it.


It was a blast riding with Robb and others, loved seeing their reactions after the first back seat rides.




P.S. I think NTAG is B.Y.O.H.R.

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^^I was joking about the trouser cam.


The video is really good and gives a great view of the ride experience.


Also, what's better - back or front? Edit: question answered: back.


Is there any coasters that give a similiar ride experience to NTG?

Edited by downunder
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^The way I understand it, Robb was not able to film on the ride. The video was provided by Six Flags Over Texas. Of course, correct me if I am wrong.


It was rather hectic with all the media, there would not be time to allow anyone to record their own POV with their own equipment. I think the edited POV was more due to the fact that they were trying to take all the views and edit them into something like:


NBC 5 Dallas On Ride


to supply to the stations quickly and easily. I've seen very similar versions of that one all over the place. It would have been nice if they could have given out full POV, but there will be other chances hopefully (on much sunnier days too, nobody seems to have mentioned we had several RAIN rides!)



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NTG may not have lived up 100% to what we were hoping for but by the way the reviews sound its about 92% to 96% of what we were expecting, now remember this is the first coaster of its type in the world with this track system "and I still think they should be called Iron Horses" just Imagine what will happen If they were to take Mean Streak and rebuild it like this, with what they have learned from NTG, the tweaks that will with out a a doubt happen in the design/designing will make a absolutely insane coaster. As with any thing as you gain more experience things only get better!

Cant Wait to See and meet yall at Texas Giant Bash and probably some of you tomorrow.

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Looks like we can have a RAVE in the Tunnel!




No, no, no, no. It's "Take the Rave Tunnels", as it appears the first and second tunnels are all rave like now.


Definitely going to ride this one this year. I had my reservations when I first heard about this project, but I do believe we can call this a success at this point? As I've said before this could be the first number one wood coaster to be the first number one steel coaster. We'll see when Mitch Hawkers poll comes out next year, but I'm putting my money on very close or at number 1. Yeah, I haven't ridden it yet, and I'll reserve final judgment until then. But man, what a great looking coaster. I'm glad they didn't go all X on it with the effects. I love the Agnus Oil derrick, and the 60's theming. Oil tower is a great nod to the creator of Six Flags . Peace, KC

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